The Insider’s Advantage!

In less than a year, this tiny stock has gone from zero to 9 million ounces of gold and 30 million ounces of silver!

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The insiders are coming together, and you’ve never seen such an aggressive company. They took out 5 companies in less than a year, the first of which was a hostile takeover.

Keith Neumeyer, of First Majestic Silver, is buying millions of shares of his new company, First Mining Finance (TSXV: FF & US: FFMGF).

This is a Precious Metal Mineral Bank for Investors

Building of a Mineral BankThey are targeting ounces in the ground through acquisition, with the best team in North America targeting resource-rich companies to take over! With distressed sellers and many management teams ready to throw in the towel, Keith Neumeyer is using FF to enrich his new company with millions of ounces of gold and silver.

Marin Katusa, a successful fund manager in Vancouver, told me over the phone recently that FF was 1 of only 9 stocks he owned!

Marin’s fund has consistently outperformed, with investors seeing 1,050% gains in Copper Mountain Mining, 1,450% in Ryan Gold, and 620% gains in Aben Resources. He’s a very select stock picker. In fact, Doug Casey went as far as saying he’s “the most disciplined stock picker he’s ever known.”

Our Recommendation: Consider shares of FF Immediately.

Growth PotentialBuild up a core position with a timeframe of 2 to 5 years. The company currently trades for under 50 cents and is a deep-value play, in my opinion, with significant growth potential.

First Mining Finance is acquiring companies and projects that used to have valuations of over a hundred million dollars. Historically, most companies pay about $50-plus per ounce of gold resources in the ground. Thanks to the bear market, FF has seen their cost below $10!

Now is the time to enter the metals and mining shares, with both gold and silver on the rise, and gold in a technical bull market as of March 2016.

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