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Silver Analysis with David Morgan PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 December 2011 16:00
Who here is interested in hearing from one of the few people who called the 2011 top on both gold and silver?
Economist David Morgan, owner of the website Silver-Investor.comhome to the Morgan Report, recently took time withFutureMoneyTrends.com to discuss the current state of the precious metal markets. Where we are? What happened last week? And where we are going? He also gave us his price predictions for both gold and silver in 2012.
David Morgan has an incredible track record for his analysis on the economy and how the markets may respond given certain circumstances. He is a very humble man who has shown our staff great generosity with his time, knowledge, and advice.
We recommend all members to subscribe to his free newsletter atSilver-Investor.com and for those who are serious about investing in silver, you need to also look into his paid membership. If you are buying junior mining stocks, trading, looking at charts, and want a serious edge when it comes to silver investments, this is a must.   
For those of you who have been waiting for some clear guidance on what is going on right now in the precious metals market, go to FutureMoneyTrends.com/Trend_Videos.html to listen to our interview with David Morgan.  
Below are some excerpts from our interview
When It Comes To The Dips
"I believe strongly that if you can buy physical metal, for silver under $30 and for gold under $1,600 and have a time horizon of a couple years, 3 at the most, that you will easily double your money on those metals. However, that doesn't mean I'm picking an exact bottom."
"The huge spectacular gains won't come until panic mode. I think that the precious metals is going to be the mother of all bull markets." 

Mining Shares

"The best risk reward profile lies in the underline equities of producing companies that have strong management, a good balance sheet, and they know what they are doing."
"You are going to see some of these junior mining companies move in a way that will make the tech sector look like a warm up parade."

When It Comes To Saving For Your Future

"You want to save and make it a habit of saving, but you don't want to save in something that over time is going to depreciate and is guaranteed to depreciate. The only thing that I can guarantee in the financial sector is that to save in fiat currencies over time, is that they depreciate."
"The only savings that makes sense to my thinking is in the physical realm."
Use this link to listen to our full interview with David Morgan. 

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