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Gold, Silver, Zinc, and Copper – The Most Significant
Results Encountered at this Canadian Property Since the 1970s!

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Our Top Exploration Stock Suggestion Just Made a Discovery!

Dear FutureMoneyTrends.com Member,

The news just hit!

Callinex Mines (TSXV: CNX & US: CLLXF), a current stock suggestion that is up 54% since we first recommended it 8 months ago, is rapidly delivering real value to its shareholders with its second drilling campaign since the spring of 2015.

In a news wire just released, CNX announced that it discovered a new horizon in a completed drill hole, with copper, zinc, gold, and silver!

The BIG UPSIDE: in an area that is running out of ore, this type of discovery is very rare. In fact, billion-dollar giant HudBay is drilling to the south of CNX’s exploration right now in search of what it appears our tiny little Callinex — with a $15 million market cap — has discovered.

Callinex is likely in the midst of discovering a NEW deposit!

Remember, Mike Muzylowski, Chairman of CNX, has had 13 discoveries in the area, all of which went into production. An accomplishment that is so rare, even Casey Research put out a report that stated, “1 in 3,000” discoveries ever see production. For Mike, of his 13 discoveries in the region, ALL 13 went into production.

****Exploration with the Best of the Best!***

In addition to Mike, who discovered the Trout Lake Mine, Alan Vowles is the CNX geophysicist who was part of the team that discovered HudBay’s Lalor Mine. Both men received the Bill Dennis PDAC Prospect and Developer of the Year Award for these discoveries (Grammy’s for Miners).

These two discoveries, are each one of the largest mines in the entire history of the Flin Flon Belt, which has seen 32 mines go into production.

According to today’s news just released by Callinex, “both the geological and geophysical interpretation indicate that this discovery is potentially located at the margins of a larger mineralized body.”

Follow-up exploration could yield huge results!

As noted in their August 10th press release, their current exploration program is adjacent to the Sourdough deposit (just 328 feet away!), which hosts significant high-grade copper, zinc, gold, and silver mineralization.

Upon seeing the news, I called Max Porterfield, CEO of Callinex, to see if I could get any additional information for our readers. His exact quote to me was, “Dan, there is excellent potential to expand this mineralization with higher grades as we vector into the core of this productive system.”

The big question now is how big is this deposit?

This new horizon could potentially extend to the whole extent of the property and beyond the property boundary.

Callinex will remain our top exploration play, with near-term results expected to continue as the company moves forward.

In July, CNX made big news when Resource Capital Funds made them only their 2nd exploration holding! Resource Capital has only invested in 135 stocks since 1998, this is a very disciplined group for high net worth investors only.

This Fund alone has taken a 18% stake in CNX!

Callinex Mines has the right people, right projects, approximately $4 million in cash, zero debt, and is 62% owned by insiders, close associates with management, and a multi-billion dollar fund, Resource Capital.

Our Recommendation: Take a serious look at this winning team. CNX, in my opinion, is the one pure exploration stock to consider right now.

In addition to what I mentioned above, Carlo Civelli, a successful resource investor who has helped finance 12 small companies that later went on to become billion-dollar giants, noted to me in a recent interview that of all the micro-cap resource stocks available to him, he only owns one – Callinex Mines.

CNX has delivered on everything they’ve set out to do this year, and they aren’t done! The current drilling campaign for 2015 isn’t over, so expect to hear a lot more about Callinex Mines.

Now that they have a real discovery, I expect this award winning team to go in for the kill this winter!

Best Regards,




Daniel Ameduri
President, FutureMoneyTrends.com

Editor’s Note: When it comes to exploration, it really doesn’t get any better than this, and now, the potential truly is enormous because they’ve discovered a new horizon. I would expect very soon that CNX could be throwing out some potential haymaker-type news headlines.

When I spoke with Chairman Mike Muzylowski, he made it very clear to me that he’s in this for a major discovery, and nothing less.

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