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This new gold stock suggestion is going to be one we cover for years, and I want us in at the lowest price possible.

High-Grade. Low-Cost. Near-Term Gold Production.

Winston Gold Mining Corp. (US: WGMCF & CSE: WGC)

A high-quality management team has acquired two high-grade gold projects and plans to quickly advance both of these assets into low-cost, profitable mining operations.  We believe Winston Gold will provide us with a significant leverage to the gold price.

This is the most highly-experienced team of mine managers that we have ever covered in a junior gold company.

Harold Gunsinger, Director of Operations, has been putting mines into production since the 1970s and was specifically instrumental in the Drumlummon Gold Mine, in Montana.

Murray Nye, CEO, headed up the team responsible for acquiring, permitting, exploring, and developing the Drumlummon Mine.

Max Polinsky, President, was also a key player in bringing this Montana mine to profitability.

The last time these 3 men came together, they took a company from a $2 million market cap, to over $80 million!

Not only have they come together to build Winston Gold at the most opportune time, as gold is up $220 off its low set in December of 2015 and up 18% year-to-date, making it one of the best-performing assets for 2016, but this highly-exceptional team is focused on an area they know well: Montana.

This is a safe, mining-friendly jurisdiction, whose economy relies heavily on mining.

The actual Winston Project is a past-producing, high-grade gold mine! And it has unbelievable upside, since no modern drilling has ever touched the property!

When I spoke with Murray Nye, he told me this project has excellent potential for fast and cheap gold recovery using a specialized miner’s permit for mining old mine workings. He knows this very well, as he’s the man responsible for taking a historic Montana gold mine back into production with his last company.

Murray also let us know that he holds a huge database that includes over 630 drill holes.

Why I believe this should be in everyone’s gold portfolio is the actual Custer mine in this project was a major contributor to the production of an estimated 100,000 ounces of gold for the entire district.

The reason I think we can scoop up shares now for so low is because if you look at it, this company is still in the process of getting up and started.  They’ve had several news releases in the past month, including the acquisition of another past-producing gold mine in Arizona, the Gold Ridge Project – which actually hosts 3 mines!

CEO Murray Nye and Winston Gold plan to fast-track this company to producing 50,000 ounces a year within 18 months. This is a gold company focused on cash-flow.

This is still a very early chance to take a position. Today, the company is not even listed on the TSX Venture yet; currently, it is listed in the U.S., under WGMCF, and in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange, under WGC.

The company is also already over-delivering. When I spoke with Murray Nye in September, he told me they were doing everything they could to get permits to drill before the end of the year.

Yesterday, October 20th, they announced that the Winston Gold Project in Montana is fully permitted to commence a first phase drill program.

Here is an excerpt from the press release…

“We have permitted a total of 13 drill sites and are currently mobilizing the drill rigs to the property. We are very excited to commence this first drill program as a new public company and believe it will be the first of many successful campaigns.”

– Murray Nye, CEO 

I personally believe we can make a fortune from partnering with Murray and his team.

Consider shares of WGMCF up to $0.76.

Don’t chase it; let’s get in this company for a great price, and set ourselves up to maximize our gains should this company even deliver half of what I think they are capable of.

Winston Gold (WGMCF) should be considered a core portfolio stock for Future Money Trends Members.


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Daniel Ameduri


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