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Time-Sensitive Opportunity…

Up 219%, But Rick Rule Just Told Me
We Could See 500% to 1,000% Gains From Here!


Dear Reader,

We were the first to call for an imminent bull market in zinc, and we correctly backed the right people to profit from this inevitable move.  I think there is a lot more upside for zinc, and we’ve clearly backed the right winner for this trade.

Callinex Mines is up over 200% since we began covering this zinc precious metal play, headed up by Max Porterfield and 3 legendary geologists who’ve all been instrumental in making major discoveries in Canada, where the company’s growing project portfolio is.

On October 18th, Callinex Mines (TSXV: CNX & US: CLLXF) announced a high-grade zinc and gold discovery.  Within 7 days of releasing these drill results at their Pine Bay project, the Sprott Group and its affiliates agreed to make a strategic investment, including a fund directly managed by Rick Rule.

The Sprott Group — the most influential investment firm in the entire resource space — has officially announced that their clients will collectively become the largest shareholder after seeing CNX’s drill results.  If you’ve been a subscriber to Future Money Trends, you’ve literally seen this all unfold over the past few years, with exploration, acquisitions, and relentless CEO Max Porterfield over-delivering to shareholders.

Now, all this work could be about to take many investors to the Promised Land over the coming weeks and months.

When I spoke to Rick Rule, here is what he told me…

On the recent discovery hole, “It wasn’t a good drill hole – it was an exceptional drill hole.”  “If I lose on this one, I lose 30 or 40 percent on my money, which is, of course, unpleasant. If I win on this one, I make 5 or 10 times my money. That juxtaposition of risk to reward is one that I personally can never resist, and has served me well over time.”

“Probably most importantly, though, it has a drill hole into the target, which generated really an exceptional result with regards to grade. That’s no guarantee that it’s going to succeed, but when I have a good person (Max Porterfield), a really good target in a good district with a big mineral budget, and you take away the ‘if’ question as to whether or not it’s mineralized, I get excited.”

I’ve been interviewing Rick Rule, who is a real legend in the space for the past 6 years, and never have I heard him speak of any company this way. In fact, I can’t even recall him ever discussing an individual company with us.

Callinex isn’t slowing down, and active exploration is in the works, so this is now a time-sensitive opportunity. I’ll let Rick’s words speak for themselves, as there is no way I can say it better or improve on his own analysis of where this company is right now and the profit potential in front of all of us.

We are raising our “buy up to” price for Callinex Mines today and expect this to be a real winner for all of us, with the current 200%+ gain many of you have already seeing potentially turning into something much greater over the coming weeks.

Consider buying shares of Callinex Mines up to CAD $0.85 on the TSX Venture, under CNX, or on the U.S. exchange up to USD$0.63, under CLLXF.

To read our updated profile of Callinex Mines, please click here.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri


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