Trends Forecaster Predicted Rise in Police Brutality from 1990’s


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A stunning interview with trends forecaster Gerald Celente. Mr. Celente, of the Trends Research Journal, is on record of forecasting the bottled water boom, 1987 stock market crash, housing bust, organic food craze, and the death of the American middle class.

In our two-part, 30-minute interview, Mr. Celente discusses what he sees as the “manipulation of everything.” This is things like oligarchs in the U.S. who’ve gone wild, with a full-frontal assault on our middle class and our currency.

“When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it!” This is what Mr. Celente says has more to do with what we are seeing in Baltimore, Ferguson, and other parts of the world. A bad economy has set the stage and any spark will set these cities off.

What shocked us the most, though, was Mr. Celente’s analysis of what the U.S. was going through as a nation, with police brutality and military intervention, surrounded by war and slaughter. “When you bring it all together, the U.S. is like a collapsing third-world country.”

His advice is to focus on quality of life, prepare for hard times in the U.S., and focus on what you are passionate about when it comes to your life’s work.

This is an excellent interview; it will be controversial for some, but I believe it is something we all need to hear. As I pointed out in this week’s Weekly Wealth Digest, since 2008, with unprecedented intervention from the Federal Reserve and federal government, all economic models are broken.

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