You’ve got to sift through literally hundreds of stocks to get to the really good ones. It’s time-consuming, but I don’t mind doing the legwork because those few outstanding companies deserve to be in the spotlight.

The gold mining sector is the first place to look for these opportunities because the market tends to reward early investors with substantial gains; I’ve sent alerts on resource-sector stocks that have gone up 2x, 5x, or even 10x within months or a few years. These are gains that you’ll never see in large-cap index funds, but stock pickers can make life-changing returns if they react quickly.

I’m upgrading my position in Gold X Mining Corp. (TSX-V: GLDX & OTC: SSPXD) because the upside potential of the shares is just too big to ignore. By keeping costs low with ultra-efficient, modern equipment in a historically past-producing region, Gold X is basically giving an early holiday gift to stockholders because the current share price is a truly unusual bargain.

None of Gold X’s peers even come close to this company’s enterprise value in relation to the gold price. Ounce for ounce and share for share, you simply won’t find a better value – and a better opportunity – than Gold X Mining Corp.

Courtesy: Gold X Mining Corp. Investor Presentation

Much of the company’s value is derived from its flagship asset, the Toroparu Project. This is the largest gold project in South America that’s owned by a junior mining company, and it’s situated in the mineral-rich Guiana Shield – a profoundly underexplored region and one of the most prospective in the world for large-scale gold discoveries.

It’s also a strongly de-risked project, as Gold X already has environmental authorization and a mineral agreement in place, as well as a strong, ongoing relationship with the government of Guyana. The region has already demonstrated exploration success, and Gold X is moving quickly along the timeline to develop the vast multi-million-ounce Toroparu Project.

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Investment in Gold X is de-risked even further due to an agreement with Wheaton Precious Metals, which has contributed $153.5 million towards the project. Through project financing and a business model focused on low-cost development, Gold X Mining Corp. is able to deliver robust cash flow whether the gold price goes up, down, or sideways.

Courtesy: Gold X Mining Corp. Investor Presentation

I’m expecting the gold price to increase substantially over the coming months and years, which is why I’m profiling Gold X Mining (GLDX/SSPXD). Since the stock is trading below its actual value, I expect any gains in the price of gold to be magnified in Sandspring shares.

These are the rare opportunities that make all of the research worthwhile: I’ve discovered a gold project with potential near‐term production in a historically productive, mining-friendly jurisdiction – and the stock isn’t anywhere near where it ought to be trading by any objective measures.

The EXPERTS know this and they’ve grabbed up some shares, but there are still shares available before the price catches up and the stock’s only available at a higher price. For now, you can own a piece of a company that’s still an undiscovered treasure – I can’t resist a sale, and Gold X stock is the sale of the century.

Best Regards,

James Davis

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