Silver is Set to Surge Higher

JP Morgan has Now Taken a
Physical Position of 550 million ounces!

The Norwegian and Swiss central banks are accumulating shares of silver stocks…

Now is the time to take a strategic position in silver stocks.

Dear Reader,

I’ve made millions of dollars investing a very small amount of money in a few core mining stocks and then watching them add a comma to my portfolio… And right now, I am about to make the most important call of my life!

It’s one that could yield tremendous gains to your own portfolio! This would be just the beginning for how I see 2017 unfolding for silver investors. In order to maximize our profits, we want to own the most important silver company on the market today… We want the purest primary silver producer in the world!

It’s one of the lowest-cost silver producers on the planet,
led by a living legend.

Our Top Recommendation is First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG)

First Majestic has a low all-in sustaining cost of just $12 per ounce!

This is the ONE silver stock that every silver portfolio needs…
Look at the comparison between First Majestic and other major silver producers.

Essentially, 70% of its income comes from silver, and it is expected to increase to 80% by the end of 2017. Other popular silver mining shares, like Silver Standard and Hecla, are barely at the 40% level.

If you want to own a real silver stock, you have to own First Majestic Silver. When precious metals broke to the upside last year:

  • First Majestic Silver not only led the sector, but on the Toronto Stock Exchange, it led ALL categories of stocks!
  • First Majestic Silver is a prized asset. It’s one investors can buy and know that it’s in good hands, because it’s founded and run by Keith Neumeyer.

Keith is an award-winning natural resource entrepreneur who has built two billion-dollar companies. I’ve known Keith and followed his companies for the past 7 years, and I can tell you that the man is relentless – he doesn’t know how to lose. That’s why he’s built the best silver company, one that investors can buy today and make a core part of their precious metals portfolio.

Outside of owning high-quality exploration plays, like Silver One (TSXV: SVE & US: SLVRF), you really don’t need to own any other silver company if you hold First Majestic Silver (AG). With 6 producing silver mines and two advanced-stage silver projects, First Majestic Silver is set to become a 20+ million ounce producer!

Core Assets - First Majestic Silver

Revenues from silver production are expected to increase 10% over the next year, meaning the purest silver producer in the world is about to become even more pure. Major institutions, like Vanguard and Van Eck, are sizable shareholders of First Majestic, as well as the Swiss National Bank!

There are only a handful of silver companies, and First Majestic Silver is the go-to stock for many major institutions. As the silver price rises, an avalanche of money will flood into this tiny sector, and it will be directed into only a sliver of these silver stocks.

Legendary speculator Doug Casey, who has made hundreds of millions of dollars investing in mining plays, believes what’s coming is going to be like the Hoover Dam trying to fit through a garden hose.

  • In 2016, First Majestic went up 7x more than the price of physical silver, and many top experts, including Keith Neumeyer, believe we are about to see triple-digit silver this decade.
  • As technology drives demand for silver, so will a global monetary crisis. The U.S. is at $20 trillion in debt, currency wars are erupting from east to west, and the current monetary system is being rejected by voters worldwide.

Right now could be the best time to position yourself for a
violent rise higher in the silver price.

Consider Owning The Purest Silver Producer on Earth:
First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG)

This silver price move is happening now. Stay up to date and receive important research from us weekly. By subscribing to, you’ll be alerted by us. As a shareholder of First Majestic, you’ll also want to go to their website and make sure you are alerted to any breaking news directly from the company. You can do that by clicking here.

Expect Great Things for 2017!

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: I am long physical silver, First Majestic, and Silver One.

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