One of the fastest growth stories on the planet, gold mining or otherwise, the proven leadership team at Aris Gold (TSX: ARIS, OTCQX: ALLXF) is creating their next globally relevant gold producer with a an outstanding starting asset in Colombia, a strong financial position, and unique access to capital to fund its growth.

With management having successfully created Endeavour Mining and Leagold Mining and members of the Board having successfully created Wheaton River Minerals, Goldcorp, Wheaton Precious Metals, Gran Colombia Gold and Yamana Gold, Aris Gold’s objective is to do it again!

The overarching strategy is simple: To consolidate operating gold mines and projects nearing construction with the aim of creating value through scale, diversification, mine and corporate-level optimizations, investing in expansions and near-mine exploration, and active portfolio management.

Aris Gold’s all-star leadership team has decades of combined experience in the mining sector. Look at hundreds of publicly-traded gold companies and it’s nearly guaranteed you won’t find the caliber of people involved here, in any other company out there.

Aris Gold’s CEO is Neil Woodyer, who was a founder and CEO of both Leagold Mining and Endeavour Mining.

In 1988, Mr. Woodyer was the founder of Endeavour Financial, a successful mining merchant banking and advisory business with critical expertise working with companies that operate in Latin America. In 2009, he and billionaire Frank Giustra devised Endeavour’s growth strategy, and as CEO, he led Endeavour Financial’s transition from a financial company into a mine operation and development company, Endeavour Mining.

Over time, Endeavour Mining grew through a series of acquisitions and new mine builds to become, what is nowthe largest gold producer in West Africa!

In 2016, Neil stepped away from Endeavour Mining to start Latin American focused Leagold Mining. In early 2020, after he arranged Leagold Mining’s CAD$2Bn merger with Equinox Gold (Ross Beaty!), Mr. Woodyer – along with other team members – created Aris Gold to repeat the shareholder value strategies that had previously proven successful at Endeavour Mining and Leagold Mining.

Mr. Woodyer handpicked a management team for Aris Gold that’s second to none:

Director & Lead Technical Consultant Attie Roux

He was COO of Equinox Gold following its merger with Leagold Mining, where he held the same position. Prior to Leagold, he was COO of Endeavour Mining Corporation, where he was instrumental in the development and growth of the company over a seven-year period. Prior to Endeavour, Mr. Roux was Head of Metallurgy for AngloGold Ashanti (one of the largest and most successful gold companies ever), where he worked for more than 34 years.

Senior Vice President Technical Services Richard Thomas

Prior to Aris Gold, Mr. Thomas was SVP of Operations with Leagold Mining until it merged with Equinox Gold. Previously, he was the VP of Operations and EVP of Technical Services for Endeavour Mining, where he was instrumental in implementing optimization programs at the mines and projects the company acquired. Prior to that, he held the role of VP of Mining at Anglogold Ashanti for the Continental Africa Region.

Senior Vice President Corporate Doug Bowlby & Senior Vice President Corporate Development Andrew Gubbels

Dating back to Endeavour Financial, Doug has spent over 25 years executing and structuring transactions and managing the corporate teams for Neil Woodyer’s companies. Andrew has considerable experience as an investment banker in the global mining sector, most recently as Head of Americas Metals & Mining investment banking at UBS, and was the lead financial adviser involved in the creation and financing of Neil Woodyer’s Leagold Mining and Endeavour Mining.

In other words, the people that run Aris Gold, have also pulled-off these incredible corporate successes:

Rounding out the Aris Gold team is an independent board of industry leaders including Ian Telfer as chairman and David Garofalo, Peter Marrone, Daniela Cambone, and Attie Roux as new directors. They join Serafino Iacono and Hernan Martinez, as well as Frank Giustra as strategic advisor.

You’ve got an all-star lineup of heavy hitters with previous experience building successful mining companies like Leagold Mining (two acquisitions in Mexico and Brazil, with four mines and one advanced development project in total) and Endeavor Mining (six acquisitions, two mines built three divestitures in six years in West Africa).

With Leagold Mining, members of the Aris Gold team took a single asset from Goldcorp and turned it into a the CAD$1 billion multi-asset proeducer before its merger with Equinox Gold in March 2020 to create a CAD$2+ billion mid-tier producer.

With Endeavor Mining, they created a CAD$2 billion company from a single acquisition before the management’s exit in mid-2016.

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    Board and management are invested in Aris Gold and own a collective 8.5% of the company.

    Unlike the overwhelming majority of gold junior miners, trading on the stock exchange, Aris Gold is prepared to repeat a proven growth strategy to create value, with $284 million of current cash and committed funding for growth!

    Aris Gold operates the Marmato mine in Colombia, where a modernization and a major expansion program are underway, and the Juby project, an advanced exploration-stage gold project in the Abitibi greenstone belt of Ontario, Canada.

    Focusing on two assets in prime locations and mining-friendly jurisdictions, Aris Gold is modernizing and expanding the historic Marmato mine in Colombia with exploration upside in Canada’s Abitibi greenstone belt.

    The Marmato gold district has been mined since pre-colonial times by the Quimbaya people. The gold resource was so significant that Simon Bolivar, the revolutionary leader, who liberated much of South America from Spanish rule, used the gold as collateral with British banks to secure funding for a war of independence against Spain.

    The current mine on the Zona Baja property has been in operation since 1991.

    All told, the Marmato mine produced 24,000 ounces of gold in 2020. A major expansion is projected to increase production to an average of 165,000 ounces per year for over 13-years from 2024!

    This company is fully-funded to increase production from 24,000/ounces to 165,000/ounces and as high as 200,000/ounces a year!

    Supported by excellent infrastructure with access to the Pan American highway, Cauca river and national electricity grid, the Marmato mine expansion should be among the least capital-intensive projects in the gold industry.

    There’s the potential for Aris Gold’s Marmato project to take the number one spot on the list, with an ongoing drilling campaign demonstrating high-grade mineralization over broad widths suggesting potential to add additional ounces to the mine plan and further extend the mine life.

    The chart on the right projects the 2024 all-in sustaining cost curve, suggesting consistently high operating margins at low AISC of $880 per ounce of gold.

    Along with the Marmato mine, Aris Gold owns the Juby project, an advanced exploration-stage gold project located in Ontario, Canada, approximately 15 kilometers west-southwest of the town of Gowganda and 100 kilometers south-southeast of the Timmins gold camp within the Shining Tree area in the southern part of the Abitibi greenstone belt.

    Gold was first discovered in the Shining Tree area in the 1930s. Today, the Juby project has excellent access to infrastructure, including a major highway, a power transmission line that passes through the property, and an abundance of water in the region.

    Moreover, the regional geological setting at Juby is similar to that of the Kirkland Lake and Timmins gold camps and is largely underexplored.

    The property is adjacent to the Tyranite mine (now within Orefinder’s Knight properties), a historic producing mine with significant infrastructure on-site and along the same mineralized trend as IAMGold’s flagship Cote Lake gold project.

    Juby’s 2020 pit-constrained mineral resource estimate resulted in 773,000 ounces of indicated mineral resource (21.3 Mt @ 1.13 g/t) and 1,488,000 oz of inferred mineral resource (47.1 Mt @ 0.98 g/t). With those promising results, Aris Gold is currently preparing a drilling program for execution in 2021.

    The Juby project is conservatively valued – just $22/ounce vs. $74/ounce on average for publicly-traded exploration companies with Canadian projects!

    Main point to note is that the funding partner is world-renowned Wheaton Precious Metals!

    Notice the level of insider ownership in the chart below. As we said, 8.5% is held by the Aris Gold board and management, along with 44.3% of the shares held by premier miner Gran Columbia Gold!

    Due to the investor agreement, Gran Colombia Gold must vote with management and Board and cannot sell any of its Aris Gold shares or warrants without prior approval until at least February 3, 2023.

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