Ideal Trade for the 2020s ANNOUNCED!

We’ve seen this before and we KNOW HOW this script plays out.

It was silver in 2009 and 2010. After that came rare earth minerals in 2011 and 2012, lithium and cobalt in 2016, cryptocurrencies in 2017, cannabis in 2018, sports betting in 2019, and now PSYCHEDELICS in 2020.

Venture capitalism is ALL ABOUT being early to a major trend, positioning before the investing community TAGS ALONG for the ride, and selling the fully valued assets to them.

It’s about building a market, industry, and the companies within it, taking on SERIOUS RISK, and if it works, getting REWARDED HANDSOMELY.

Psychedelics are MISUNDERSTOOD as a group. The only reason they are illegal is because of the political agenda laid out by Richard Nixon in the 1960s. The scientific community, on the other hand, is FASCINATED with them and is EAGERLY researching their benefits like it did for thousands of years and in the modern era, from the 1860s until the 1970s, with TREMENDOUS RESULTS.

Legalization of an industry is a ONE-TIME, non-recurring, WEALTH-CREATING event.

I’m telling you that such an event is SLOWLY BREWING for ketamine and psilocybin, perhaps followed by MDMA and LSD. Used PROPERLY in a controlled environment, these substances have proven to work wonders with terminal cancer patients and cases of depression, anxiety, addictions (like alcoholism and opioids), PTSD, and more.

I’m betting on the company that arguably OWNS the best brick and mortar assets in this sector, Champignon Brands (CAD: SHRM & US: SHRMF)!

Here’s why this could turn into a significant winning trade:

There are NO DOMINATING companies as of yet. The Apple Inc., Facebook, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, and of this industry have not been built yet.

This is a BLUE OCEAN SECTOR where anyone can end up leading the pack.

The earlier you build, the greater the chance your company becomes the most reputable brand.

Denver (Co), Santa Cruz, and Oakland (Ca) have already decriminalized, so now THERE IS PRECEDENCE for more cities and perhaps states (California, Washington, and Oregon are top candidates) to legalize these for medicinal usage.

Johns Hopkins Institute has constructed a $17M facility to STUDY PSYCHEDELICS, Johnson & Johnson has already approved a drug with the FDA that is selling and Champignon Brands (US: SHRMF) is operating the a ketamine clinic with the largest footprint in the world with respect to depression related research.

Through its subsidiaries and wholly-owned businesses, it is now already GENERATING REVENUES at its CANADIAN clinics, while simultaneously advancing clinical trials for its own PORTFOLIO of patents and IP. It is also working to bypass the lengthy CRO (Contract Research Organization) road to drug approval, by operating its own labs and research clinics, thereby shrinking the drug commercialization process.

This is a MEANINGFUL competitive advantage in both time and funding savings.

The company is CASHED UP and just announced a $15M bought-deal financing; with their current clinics and more on the way, they are may be able to FUND RESEARCH without diluting current owners (shareholders) like classic biotech companies usually do.

It also has FIRST-MOVER advantage; it is part of only a handful of companies that operate in the sector, so the potential to become a GIANT is definitely there. Studies have shown that the leaders out of the gate tend to remain in control even 20 years after the fact.

The CEO, Roger McIntyre, is the world’s NO. 1 expert on depression treatment using ketamine IV drips, and he runs Canada’s only APPROVED center for this!

Remember, this business is about HUMAN CAPITAL since it is based on science, not agriculture (cannabis). The dominators need patents and intellectual property to charge ahead.

It also just had its IPO on March 2nd, so it’s UNDER THE RADAR, but not for long!

The psychedelic sector is LIFTING OFF and this company could be the biggest beneficiary


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