One company owns a pristine alkaline spring water aquifer and a 40,000-square-foot, HACCP certified manufacturing facility that can manufacture up to 210 million bottles each and every year.

BevCanna Enterprises Inc. (CAD: BEV & US: BVNNF) BevCanna develops and manufactures a range of plant-based and cannabis beverages and nutraceuticals for both in-house brands and white-label clients.

In other words, it owns the ONLY (this is confirmed) high-capacity manufacturing facility in Canada that is licensed for both Health Canada approved cannabis production (10,000 sqft) and traditional CPG production (30,000 sqft).

With decades of experience creating and distributing iconic brands that have resonated with consumers on a global scale, BevCanna’s team demonstrates an expertise that is unmatched in the emerging cannabis beverage category.

That team is lead by CEO Marcello Leone, a visionary veteran executive; President, Melise Panetta, an accomplished Senior Marketing and Sales executive with extensive career at leading organizations such as S. C. Johnson, General Mills and PepsiCo.; as well as CFO and CSO John Campbell, who has more than 30 years of experience in the investment industry.

Also on the BevCanna team are leaders and influencers across multiple business segments:

  • Executive Branding and Marketing Advisor Keith Stride, a 25-year marketing and advertising veteran and expert in consumer branding and strategy, including a CMO role at Hemptown USA. Mr. Stride is internationally recognized for his work in building high-profile brands such as Best Buy, Rogers, TD Bank, Mark’s, Whistler-Blackcomb and RBC.
  • VP of Sales, Raffael Kapusty, an accomplished CPG industry leader with more than 25 years of experience in both the Canadian and U.S. retail spaces. Most recently, Raffael led sales and marketing at Ice Age Glacial Water Company, successfully growing points of distribution in the natural products sector and expanding into mainstream grocery. With a solid foundation at ACNielsen Canada, Raffael has developed a deep understanding of the CPG space, working with over 100 leading Canadian & global CPG manufacturers.  She has also held senior category and key account management roles at Kruger, SCJohnson and Unilever Canada.
  • VP of Sales, Bill Niarchos, has over 20 years of experience in the CPG goods industry/retail environment.  In his most recent role as Director of Sales with Bayer Consumer Health, Bill managed the strategic direction and growth of Loblaw & SDM. Prior to his position with Bayer, Bill held a number of progressive roles at Colgate Palmolive for more than 14 years.  Bill is experienced in managing all trade channels in various capacities, including as National Account Manager – Walmart and Costco, Director of Sales – Drug Channel, Director Customer Development – Mass and Club and Director of Customer Development – Loblaw Companies Limited (including SDM).
  • Executive Management Advisor, Keith Dolo, previously served as CEO and Executive Chairman of Sproutly Inc. Previous to Sproutly, he served for over 13 years with Robert Half, an S&P 500, NYSE listed company, specifically in the role of Vice President for the last 8 years. Mr. Dolo is well versed in clarifying the external and internal competitive landscape, unearthing opportunities for expansion, serving customers, and leveraging new industry developments and standards.
  • Head of Quality Assurance Japheth Noah, Oxford and MIT educated quality and regulatory manager with over 15 years’ experience in beverage, pharmaceutical, natural health, and medical industries.

With decades of collective experience on its side, BevCanna is poised to unlock the full potential of the global cannabis, wellness, and beverage markets. 

In February 2021, BevCanna completed its transformative acquisition of established beverage company Naturo Group. With the recent completion of this acquisition, BevCanna is evolving into a diversified comprehensive health and wellness company.

It’s a highly value-added business combination as it allows BevCanna to offer one of the most
unique and diverse portfolios of beverage and wellness products within both the cannabis as well as the plant-based CPG categories.

BevCanna is in the unique position of being one of the only fully licensed, in-house and white-label beverage manufacturing companies that distributes both traditional CPG and cannabis-based beverage and wellness products. Creating a diversified health and wellness; beverage and natural products company, with $55M+ in assets on the balance sheet, and a global multi-channel sales and distribution network positioned for growth.

Here are the specs, including the details on the business combination and the manufacturing facility:

  • BevCanna now holds direct ownership of Naturo Group’s 40,000 sq. ft., high-capacity beverage facility, and 315-acres of outdoor cultivatable land valued at $10.4 million, and beverage manufacturing equipment valued at $3.4 million (as of year-end 2020), along with a proprietary Health Canada approved fulvic and humic plant-based mineral formulation. The specs of the manufacturing facility are as follows:
    • Capacity is 1,165 liters per minute with existing wells
    • bottling capacity: 210 million bottles per annum
    • HACCP certified, GMP and Health Canada cannabis approved facility
    • Facility is situated on 5 acres of light industrial zoning within the 315 acres of Agricultural 
 Land Reserve
    • ALC pre-approval for 7-phase expansion to 170,000 square feet
    • Specialty equipment: flash pasteurizer and bottle form blower machine
    • Dual production line allows for non-stop production
    • Production line technology allows for innovative manufacturing techniques for flat, sparkling, 
 hot and cold infused beverages
    • CFIA Health Canada Food Doctorate approval for beverages in Canada
  • BevCanna also directly owns of one of Naturo Group’s most valuable assets, their exclusive on-site alkaline spring water source, independently valued at $18 million.
  • On top of all that, BevCanna also owns Naturo Group’s flagship brand, TRACE, which currently enjoys a leadership position within the Canadian plant-based fulvic and humic mineral category and is sold in more than 3,000 Canadian retailers, with select international agreements and partnerships under review.

As water resources become increasingly scarce, BevCanna expects that the proprietary on-site alkaline spring water source will contribute to a strengthened balance sheet and to BevCanna’s unique positioning within the burgeoning plant-based and cannabis sectors.

Just by itself, the TRACE acquisition adds tremendous value to the company. Along with their nationally distributed plant-based mineral beverages and nutraceuticals, as well as alkaline and sparkling waters, TRACE is expanding its product selection to include additional nutraceutical formats, and additional consumer products, to be sold in domestic and international markets.

With a proprietary formulation process, TRACE plant-based mineral beverages are sourced from the highest quality alkaline spring water in the British Columbia interior of Canada – thus allowing these beverages to be featured next to premium enhanced spring water brands such as Fiji, Smart Water, and Evian.

TRACE fits into both Millennials’ and Gen Z’s product preferences perfectly. The natural, slow filtration of pristine back-country rain and melted snow through layers of rock and stone help create TRACE’s unique spring water, providing a subtly pure flavor from dissolved trace minerals.

We’re talking about a pure spring water aquifer with a natural +pH7.7 straight from the aquifer – it’s as pristine as it gets. The alkaline water is bottled at the source, untouched by man, and provides an untapped capacity as the aquifer has been self-replenishing for the past 70 years, utilizing only 1.5% of the water table per year.

The timing for BevCanna to acquire the TRACE brand couldn’t be any better, as the bottled water market is valued at more than CAD$20bn in North America alone and the enhanced premium spring water category continues to expand quickly with 62% growth in the last 2 years.

Research supports four key benefits of fulvic and humic minerals:

  • Gut Health: Promote your cells’ ability to let in essential nutrients and keep out the bad.
  • Immune Function: Act as catalysts, helping activate and energize your immune cells.
  • Cognitive Performance: Shown to help protect against cognitive degeneration and decline, keeping your mind sharp.
  • Whole-body Wellness: Naturally break down harmful substances that may be found in your bloodstream, assisting in their removal from the body.

On the competitive landscape, the TRACE brand is gaining traction and moving up the ranks quickly. Much of this is due to word-of-mouth and of course the pure quality of the TRACE brand, but the company’s awareness campaigns also enhance the overall footprint of the brand – now available at 3,000 stores and counting.

Continuous brand awareness is developed for TRACE through campaigns including:

  • Official Water of the Whitecaps FC
  • Proud provider of our Alkaline Spring Water to the valiant forest firefighters in BC
  • Official Water of the Finish Line at Vancouver’s annual BMO Marathon
  • Canada’s Walk of Fame
  • Just for Laughs

2020 was a banner year for BevCanna, as the company also acquired natural health and wellness e-commerce retailer Pure Therapy in September.

Pure Therapy is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce company that sells a range of natural health products, including nutraceutical and hemp-based cannabidiol products throughout North America and Western Europe.

This acquisition provides BevCanna with a proven e-commerce brand and platform to further expand and launch its own propriety products directly into the U.S. and global health and wellness market, including the burgeoning U.S. CBD market.

Pure Therapy’s extensive catalogue of formulations is proprietary and professionally crafted based on market demand and product quality. The company brings an extensive list of 23,000 customers, and the brand achieved unaudited calendar year 2019 gross revenues of C$4,768,000.

BevCanna projects further growth in the brand through new product integration and by accelerating the growth of the existing natural health products line, leveraging the extensive e-commerce marketing expertise of the existing Pure Therapy team.

The company forecasts gross revenue of C$7.28 million with positive EBITDA in 2021 for Pure Therapy – overall, the current mix of subscription-based and traditional sales revenue will provide a strong recurring revenue stream for BevCanna.

BevCanna is also poised for rapid growth in the U.S. recreational cannabis market through a strategic alliance with the #1 cannabis beverage company in the United States, Keef Brands.

Keef Brands currently offers eight of the top ten-selling cannabis beverages in Colorado as well as two of the ten top-selling ones in California. Keef Brands also ranks first in the U.S. both in units and dollars sold among all cannabis beverage companies.

According to the agreement, BevCanna will act as the exclusive licensee, manufacturing and distribution partner to the award-winning U.S. line of Keef infused beverages for the Canadian market.

Courtesy: Keef Brands

Plus, BevCanna will leverage the extensive Keef U.S. manufacturing and distribution network to access the U.S. cannabis market, which includes more than 1,000 dispensaries and delivery services across Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico.

Moreover, Keef Brands has taken an equity position in BevCanna. Clearly, Keef Brands’ investment in BevCanna reflects their strong confidence in the Canadian beverage manufacturer and the continued strengthening of the relationship between the two companies.

With an unbeatable leadership team, multiple established brands under its umbrella, and strategic acquisitions and joint ventures to place it ahead of the competition, BevCanna Enterprises is on the cusp of a breakthrough moment in multiple hyper-expansive North American and international product markets today.

Additionally, BevCanna entered into an exclusive joint venture with prominent U.S. vape and high-end extracts company Bloom to cover both the Canadian and U.S markets.

Deeply rooted in California, Bloom is consistently one of the top vape brands across multiple major U.S. recreational and medical markets. A known premium brand, Bloom is a winner of the Chalice Cup and Cannabis Cup Awards for both the quality and popularity of their distillate and proprietary strains.

The products are to be sold under the Cali-Bloom name, with the Bloom brand beverages in North America to be manufactured by BevCanna.

Conduct your research on BevCanna Enterprises (US: BVNNF)!

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    On March third twenty twenty one, in connection with our agreement with Bevcanna Enterprises Inc., we received USD five hundred thousand dollars, from Bevcanna Enterprises Inc. On March 9th, 2021, we purchased 2.5 million warrants directly from the company.