The First Time I’ve Ever Seen This!

A Trifecta of Opportunity in the Green Rush to Profits…

California Cannabis is Ours for the Taking!

The birth of billion-dollar cannabis companies will come from California, in our analysis.

It’s the 6th-largest economy in the world, with 39 million residents and 250 million visitors per year!

The cannabis business that succeeds in California will have a clear competitive advantage once markets open up completely.

29 states and D.C. already have some form of cannabis use legalized, all of Canada is expected to be legal in 2018, and the U.S. Congress has been pushing legislation to to make sure the Department of Justice does not use any funds to enforce federal cannabis laws in states with medical marijuana laws.

Prior to California legalizing the full recreational use of cannabis, it was the first state in the union to allow its consumption for medical purposes.

Despite all the great news out of Colorado, Nevada, and the other 28 states, California accounted for 30% of cannabis sales in 2016 with only medical marijuana!

Medical cannabis in California is expected to reach $6.45 billion by 2020!

With full recreational use legal in 2018 in California, this space is wide open for the taking for any good operator who can seize this very moment!

This is why I’m giving my full endorsement of FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI & US: FNNZF).

Here is where I see a trifecta opportunity that they are seizing…

Banks can’t fund cannabis companies due to current federal laws, something that is also keeping institutions away as well.

As a cannabis royalty company, FinCanna acts as a merchant bank.

It’s a win-win: FinCanna collects a royalty stream and the partner companies they invest in get the funds they need for expansion.

They have early-mover advantage in the best legal state in North America.

McDonald’s doesn’t make the best burger, but they are the largest fast food chain because they captured something that is critical in the early stages of any sector – it’s called first-mover advantage.

It’s why Amazon rules the Web for sales, Google for search, and YouTube for video.

It’s Canadian headquartered, meaning FinCanna has access to a very healthy capital market, without minimal government interference or uncertainty.

The company has already inked a $14 million deal with one of California’s medical cannabis producers, of which FinCanna will receive 50% of the profits from the currently operating extraction facility and can earn a 14% royalty on the permanent facility to be constructed!

Consider taking a core position in FinCanna at these current levels.

Today, the market cap is CAD$49 million, with shares trading around the low CAD$0.75 range.

In our opinion, FinCanna truly represents an opportunity for us to take a core position in a cannabis stock that is located in the right state to collect royalties for the long-term.

FinCanna is actively looking for additional projects and companies to fund and add to its royalty portfolio.

The growth potential for a cannabis royalty company is greater than anything we’ve ever recommended.

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