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The Choice

You Have Two Choices: Survive the End of America, or Prosper Now and Insulate Yourself from Chaos by Choosing to Be Rich.

Dear Reader,

America is doomed… the structural imbalances in our economy from decades of government intervention and the sellouts in Washington, D.C. have put this nation on the brink of disaster.

Our limited constitutional government is no more. Today, our government spies on its own citizens, taxes them for every transaction, and even regulates the foods they choose to eat.

With the redistribution of wealth, either from the middle class to the poor, or from everyone to the crony socialists in our capital and Wall Street, America has run amuck.

Busybodies are at every turn, with politicians and voters demanding you comply with their will. They’re choosing whether or not you can buy a Coca-Cola. They’re forcing your tax dollars to pay for things that violate your religion.

And now, with Obamacare, they have made it the law that you have to purchase private insurance. Employers have been devastated over the years, with government regulations turning employees into liabilities, to the point that we are now seeing a boom in temporary employment.


Walmart is America’s #1 Job Creator.
kelly#2 is Kelly’s Services, a temp agency.

A dramatic shift is happening in the U.S., with long-term unemployment at record highs and debt levels surging. The end of America is the end of the middle class.

You will either be a refugee as the middle class implodes over the next 5 to 10 years, or you will choose to be rich. I hate to put it like this, but the truth is you need to make as much money as you can as fast as you can, before it’s too late.


“If you are invested in the stock market right now,
you’re about to lose a lot of money.”

Markets are completely inflated from a zero interest-rate policy and government subsidies; the next crash will embark America into the next great depression. Portfolio managers who have not optimized your wealth for the future will do irreversible harm.

You need to Take Action Now

This is your life, and if you live in the U.S., what you do today, tomorrow and in the coming months will not only affect your life, but every generation after you.

Economists call it social mobility: the action of a lower-income family rising to the middle class, or middle class rising to wealthy. The odds are low on all fronts, which is why you should be deathly afraid of falling into the lower income or lower-class category. To climb out of it in normal times is difficult, but during a depression, nearly impossible.

Not to be a gloomer, but looking at places like Mexico, Russia, or many parts of Asia, once the U.S. falls and the middle class evaporates, the climb back up to the middle class for most people will be nil.

This is why you need to take action now, by building your own personal wealth up today. You need to enter into the death of the middle class already wealthy, or at least be on the path to becoming rich.

Our solution-based personal finance letter is free, and distributes a Weekly Wealth Digest each week in order to help prepare our members to prosper.

  • It comes with immediate actions, like extra income ideas outside of Wall Street.
  • It has savings ideas that are used almost exclusive by the rich, so much so that the government has outlawed their advertising to the general public.
  • Portfolio optimization is important. Right now is not the time to be invested in a 1980s-type mutual fund, and we only suggest owning a few select companies, managed by the best people on earth.
  • Most importantly, we discuss the state of our economy, country, and investments with the experts who actually see the problem.

The mainstream media is part of a deathly cover-up job on what is really happening in America’s middle class, so each week we reach out to the experts who are talking about the problem and solutions, we have an open discussion with them, and then send over a recorded interview to your inbox. Again, free of charge.

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Daniel Ameduri

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