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The Future Money Trends letter partners with the ultra-successful in order to build up our cash flow, as well as through the capital appreciation of investing in building real businesses.

Today’s suggestion is a publicly-traded company out of Canada.

We are very selective in the people we back, and we treat our money as if we were telling our own grandmothers to invest.

The global economy has turned a real corner here, and with the U.S. slashing regulations and corporate taxes, real growth is about to meet 10 years of pent-up inflation.

Demand for commodities is soaring, and you can see that in the physical price.

But it’s not yet been felt by the shares of the companies that own them, until now…

Optimism about the Chinese and U.S. economy is driving commodities higher.

A lower dollar has been the trend since President Trump took office, and he’s even made it a point to fight for a weaker dollar, which is offering a huge lift for metals across the board.

For the first time in 36 years, we are seeing a real trend shift in the bond market. In our opinion, we could see commodities go ballistic this year!

Believe us or not, buy or watch some of these natural resource stocks over the next 2 to 3 months because they are about to join the other sectors that have almost gone parabolic in the past year.

Our first pick for the commodity sector in 2018 is a zinc play!

Zinc and copper are going to be in high demand, but only one is facing a severe annual deficit and supply shortage, which is why we should be increasing our exposure to zinc stocks while they are still dirt cheap.


Consider Buying Shares of Callinex Mines (TSXV: CNX & US: CLLXF)


This is a pure play on zinc, with a large portfolio of assets in Canada.

Like the blockchain mania in the fall of 2017 or the gold stock euphoria in the summer of 2016, we see a huge move into industrial metal shares in the first quarter of 2018.

We’ve already seen the move in copper, and institutional capital will begin to flow into the natural resource space now.

Some of these small stocks, like Callinex, could move quickly since they’ve already been sold down to dirt cheap levels in 2017. In Callinex’s case, it’s trading at 18 cents Canadian.

In the middle of 2016, the company was financed by the Sprott Group at 50 cents, headed up by legendary investor Rick Rule.

Here is the company’s share breakdown. You can see that it’s already held by institutions, which will attract additional capital as money begins to flow into the natural resource shares.

In our opinion, buying Callinex is like buying a low-cost call option for the zinc market, with enormous upside due to the award-winning geologists that are looking to expand their already large resource base.

You’ll never find a better team of geological expertise and discovery, in our opinion.

Mike Muzylowski is chairman of the board. He was involved in the discovery of 12 mines, all in the region where Callinex’s projects are, and he’s one of the few people on Earth to see all of his discoveries become producing mines.

To give you an idea of how rare this is, only 1 in 3,000 discoveries ever become producing projects. Mike was also inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2011.

Alan Vowels is the chief geophysicist. He’s a recipient of the PDAC Bill Dennis Prospector award for his role in the discovery of the Lalor mine. For all of us non-geos, this is like winning an Academy Award in mining.

Jim Pickell is the chief geologist. With 3 of the largest discoveries ever made in the region, he’s also a recipient of the PDAC Bill Dennis award.

Max Porterfield is a young, ferocious CEO I’ve known for 7 years now. He’s truly unstoppable, and people are starting to notice. He was personally invited to Rick Rule’s invitation-only event last year, where he meets with and mentors rising stars in the resource sector.

While exploration and acquisition came to a grinding halt during the bear market, Max Porterfield charged ahead with exploration campaigns and some very strategic acquisitions, all of which paid off BIG!

***The size of their Nash Creek deposit is rapidly growing!

***The length of the Nash Creek deposit has been expanded by 50% in just 6 months, and it remains wide open for further expansion!

***A potential company-making event is expected in 2018 when they come out with a study on the economics of the Nash Creek deposit.

Our recommendation: Consider buying shares of Callinex Mines (TSXV: CNX & US: CLLXF).

This is an early 2018 opportunity that could pay off big for us this year!

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