The Depression that Will Crush The Middle Class

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The gap between the rich and the poor will only widen as the agendas of the government continues to be fulfilled. The struggle to sustain what was once known as the American Dream will be more of a fantasy than an achievable goal for the masses who ultimately will be the numbers behind the deteriorating statistics.

Those who are reading this need to know what is in store for the country and where the wealthy will be investing their cash over the next 10 years.

Times are rough and offering extreme value is something we pride ourselves in ultimately to help our members thrive and prosper no matter what the macro circumstances are that they are facing.

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THREE investment ideas This report is a clear indication of the direction that America is facing, but we don’t leave you there to be another American prey to the circumstances ahead. We are including THREE investment ideas that we are going to be sharing in this report for readers to take action on and Profit Significantly from.

In an economy that is booming, it’s not hard to make money throwing darts at a board of opportunities, however, in an economy with a middle class that will be crushed, the options are much more scarce and deciding to invest in ideas become a much more risky endeavor than when times are good. prides itself in minimizing investment risk while not sacrificing returns on investments. The One Ounce Silver coin is just one tangible example of how we’ve nearly neutralized any risk of you purchasing the Special Report, leaving you with nothing but upside potential and a road map on how to thrive in the Depression that we foresee lingering for at least one decade.

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Minimize Your Risk!

In life, you will probably never come across anything that is a sure thing. Death and taxes right?! That’s about it… When it comes to investing, I’ve certainly never heard of a sure thing. That’s the point, you get paid to risk something. The second best thing to a sure thing when it comes to your investments is minimized risk for a maximized return. If you do this successfully, you WILL trend up and your portfolio will grow.

While in conversations recently about the stock market, I hear people’s skepticism about investing because they know that the major indices have been hitting record highs and have seemed to plateaued in 2014, therefore concluding that there is little to no opportunities left to thrive in the stock market. It is true that the stock market has seen resistance over the past few months and has been a scary investment if you’ve been depending on the Dow and S&P as your money making vehicles during 2014.

The good thing for Future Money Trends subscribers is that we don’t depend on the broad market for our strategies and we dive much deeper into the research to find investments within the stock market that are bottom play opportunities now with minimal downside risk. Our Smart Money Members have received monthly stock suggestions in 2014 that are all up massively outpacing the growth rate of the Dow Jones and S&P 500.

The Smart Money Members received a timely stock suggestion
last month that really is a setup that everyone needs to hear about.

The stock was SandRidge Permian Trust ticker “PER,” which is receiving a 20% dividend right now. Already, this stock is up 11% since our alert price. That’s not even considering what we are expecting from the dividend payments which will go out four times throughout the year. The trust collects a royalty payment from oil wells and is expected to do so for 20 years. Our recommendation was to purchase at $11.71 with a 20% trailing stop, and sell the stock in three years to front-load on the profits expected to be produced from the oil wells.

Follow me Here...Follow me Here…

The risk for anyone who bought was that the stock would drop 20% immediately and their investment would be stopped out, but consider the alternative.

If the stock stays at the same price for one year, our members will receive 20% of their investment back in just dividends. That means that if the stock drops 20% after one year’s time-frame, the amount of investor’s capital that is at risk goes to zero since their stop loss will actually be covered by just the dividend payments throughout the year.

If the stock stays the same and doesn’t immediately collapse 20%, our members are up 20% on their investment just with dividend collections. That’s again if the stock doesn’t move!!! Where it really gets exciting is when the stock goes up.

When the stock goes up, so does the trailing stop which means our members will not have 20% of their investment at risk anymore since their trailing stop will be up along with the stock price…

PER since our suggestion has been as high as $13.64, which means everyone would have their trailing stops now at $11.29 with their payments coming in throughout the year. Now only 3.5% of everyone’s initial investment is at risk and the potential for upside now even greater.

The upside really starts getting insane when you consider capital appreciation and an astronomical dividend payment!

Continued Growth

Again, there is no such thing as a sure thing, but you can set yourselves up to minimize your risk and maximize your reward. We are anticipating this stock to continue to see growth in terms of price and expecting to enjoy the profits as the wells continue to gush oil…

This is no time just to be throwing darts and picking random stocks out of thin air while the markets are at all-time-highs. It is important to be receiving insightful and strategic advice and that is exactly what our Smart Money Members are receiving.

This is just one example of the ideas that we present and how we set our members up successfully to thrive with the least amount of exposure to capital losses.

Let me be clear, I truly do believe that the middle class is going to suffer greatly and opportunity to succeed will be limited, but if you are receiving the right actionable steps to implement in your own life, I believe you will overcome and beat the statistics.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
CEO and Managing Editor
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