The markets are completely flipping now. The 10-year bond yields are plummeting, then spiking and then collapse back down and this has created a massive divergence between the current price of gold and the one suggested by the negative yields we’re seeing, as we see it!


As you can see, in terms of a likely rally for gold above $2,000, and even hitting a new all-time high, the chart confirms that it’s not only doable but feasible.

What we searched for and ran back-testing on is what gold company has made the most leveraged move when the last gold rally occurred. We narrowed the list down to the ones that are:

  1. Currently drilling and will be flooding the markets soon with updates and results, which could cause repricing and value-adding activities.
  2. Have a tight share structure, with over 35% insider ownership, no plans to dilute anytime soon (12-18 months ahead), no debt, and fully funded to operate and drill.
  3. Own a unique asset that doesn’t contain just gold, but a multitude of minerals, including the red-hot base metals.

On top of these, We specifically wanted a company that is in full momentum right now – not one that is developing a long-term strategy, but that understands the importance of the moment and is accelerating operations full-throttle, and we found one that we want to hold and ride in this current boom. It’s one that we literally only found out about weeks ago and we’re building a big position in!

We’ve rarely been this excited about the prospects of a gold company at the stage this one finds itself in right now, but the fact that they’ve discovered a VMS-type deposit is so rare that we had to tie ourselves to it!

VMS deposits are the crown jewel of the mining industry and they’re so difficult to find that once a junior miner does, it turns into an overnight news story and attracts eyeballs to it.

The company we found already raised the capital to double their drilling program, and we can associate ourselves with their progress right now!

Do your due diligence on Starr Peak Mining (TSX-V: STE & US STRPF) immediately. This company has rigs turning in the ground as we speak! Their previous drilling results have been absolutely epic!

Our conviction level is incredibly high!

Starr Peak Mining (TSX-V: STE & US: STRPF) is already a success story, as far as we’re concerned. The real narrative, behind the scenes, is that a company called Amex Exploration hit some big holes and Starr Peak owns not only the property right next to theirs but also the holy grail of the region, as we see it, the past-producing mine of the region where modern drilling has never been conducted!

What’s amazing is that Amex’s stock has already moved up by 700%, but Starr Peak (US: STRPF) has not run by nearly as much, so it’s like a second chance to participate in a mad gold rush that’s still in its infancy in this particular region, in our opinion. Secondly, Amex only discovered gold, whereas Starr Peak (US: STRPF) has discovered a VMS-type deposit, a monumental difference in potential for commercial production (VMS includes zinc, copper and silver, on top of gold)!

Add to that the fact that the open market price is much lower than the recent financing, where accredited investors purchased stock. Today’s price is discounted compared with what the institutional money paid.

The location of their property is critical to this because Canada’s Quebec province contains one of the most diverse collections of metals in the world. Only 1% of it is being mined, and only 5% is covered by mining rights. It’s a mecca of gold, silver, iron, nickel, titanium, niobium, copper, and zinc. 

We’re shareholders of Starr Peak Mining (US: STRPF) and are expecting the coming drilling result to potentially continue to show the size and scope of their project!

Courtesy: Incrementum AG

The gold mining sector has not been this cheap in a generation so it’s a huge opportunity, in my opinion! Do your own research on Starr Peak Mining (US: STRPF & TSX-V: STE)!


On July twenty second, twenty twenty one, in connection with our agreement with Starr Peak Mining, LTD we received five hundred thousand dollars to Future Money Trends LLC for a one year agreement. We also own four hundred and fifty thousand shares of Starr Peak Mining for services.