A financial crisis is brewing just under the surface, and it has a lot to do with the supply chain and the labor shortages we are experiencing right now. This problem also doesn’t appear to be taking hold in the United States, but it looks like a global issue.

The era of centralized banking has been nothing short of a control scheme. Its failure is all but eminent and we should all brace ourselves for the possibility that money as we know it could change forever. Whether we go to a fully controlled totalitarian digital currency or create our own paths on par with liberty and freedom is now up to us.

The supply chain is irrevocably damaged, and inflation is soaring as the central banks of the world continue to create more money to chase fewer goods. Prices are going up for the few things that are left on the shelves.

No fiat currency ever survives in the long run either. It will lose value once people lose faith in that currency. The sad reality is that we still don’t know when this collapse in the United States dollar will happen, only that it began when former president Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. It has been getting progressively worse since then and at some point, no amount of centralize bankers’ policies will be able to stop it.

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    We should all be ready with extra food and water storage and even some backup currency. If you are not a fan of crypto currency, consider stacking gold and silver. At least consider items that can be bartered it the currency flops.

    You should also try to pay off as much of your debt as possible. This will afford you a little more income that can go to the procurement of heavy metals, crypto currencies, and some preparedness supplies.

    If central banks are successful at convincing the public to accept a fully centralized digital currency, we are in big trouble. We will not have the liberty to choose how we spend our money useless we comply with whatever commands and stipulations are placed upon the use of that currency. We could be cut off from accessing the funds we’ve worked for if we make a choice like, say, refusing to take an injection in a timely manner or talking poorly about those who govern everyone.

    A life lived in fear is no life, so refuse to do that. But make whatever preparations you need to do in order to protect what you have spent a lifetime working for. Know that almost anything is still possible, and we should be as ready as we can be.

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