Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen the media so giddy about that chance for a recession or stock market crash?

Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it.

In 2008, they fought the idea of a crash or recession until the morning Lehman filed bankruptcy.

In 2019, they’re doing everything they can to get it started, which is probably one of the best indicators that lets you know no recession or crash is coming in 2019 – or 2020, for that matter.

The media is screaming recession and imminent crash…

Meanwhile, here is what is actually happening…

  • AT&T is paying a 5% dividend here at a 52-week low
  • The S&P 500 is trading at just 16x forward earnings (below the 5-year avg.)
  • The FED is about to aggressively cut rates
  • Insider buying is picking up for the first time in 2019
  • Consumer spending is actually increasing (up 1.8% from Q1)
  • Consumer spending is growing at its fastest pace since 1992

As for the trade war, the U.S. is China’s largest customer; understand this and you’ll appreciate that as the President fights back to defend jobs in the U.S. and advocates for fair trade with China, as long as the U.S. can push through the drama and hype from the media, it will eventually make a great deal with China because China doesn’t have a choice.

There are a lot of underlying problems in the world, specifically with our debt, but a trade war with China or an inverted yield curve isn’t going to be what reverses the current trend in the markets or the U.S. economy.

With that said, the middle class and those who practice conventional personal finance are absolutely suffering…

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