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Whether or not we ever get an answer to the question of the REAL origins of the virus, be it from a wet market, where animals, such as bats, are sold for consumption, a bioweapon laboratory in Wuhan that was either leaked or purposefully contaminated the masses in an effort to dilute the population, or it has to do with 5G radiation hurting our immune systems, the END RESULT is the same: China’s economy was hit much LESS than Europe’s or America’s.

Trump’s economic plan, which was DESPISED at first by the globalists and elites who wanted Hillary Clinton to be commander-in-chief, had made American consumer confidence spike to its highest on record. In Davos, both in 2019 and 2020, his POPULARITY, even among globalist scum, was super-high. He was revered and loved by the business community.

He had marginalized China by imposing tariffs and forcing them to make a deal. His unorthodox ways made the stock market rally to all-time highs, lowered unemployment to all-time lows, boosted middle-class participation to multi-decade highs, and more. He was on track to achieve historic economic accomplishments but the COVID-19 pandemic CHANGED EVERYTHING.


As you can see, though, even after this SHARP decline in confidence, the American consumer has high hopes for this administration to pull the U.S. out of this MESS.

America runs on credit because it thrives on CONSUMERISM.

The average person must feel that the future will be better than the past in order to spend, so the CARES Act is geared towards putting money in their pockets immediately.

This plunge you’re seeing above is the biggest two-week drop in consumer comfort ever.

If it marks the beginning of a trend, we’re in DEEP SHIT.

The spigots have been opened and both Washington and the Federal Reserve have enacted policies that MUST work or the ramifications could be HORRENDOUS.

If these policies don’t inspire confidence in the consumer economy, we’re going HEAD-FIRST into a depression.

Last week, 3.3 million people filed for unemployment. Then, this week, an ADDITIONAL 6.648 million did. In two weeks, almost 10 million people have been added to the ranks.


Let it sink in that we are in a recession. You’re already noticing that if you happen to be quarantined. Worse than a normal recession, your ability to rectify your personal situation is OUTLAWED because most businesses are deemed unessential.

A pandemic is a medical emergency. Social distancing is ECONOMIC TERRORISM, and it PIERCED a giant hole in the American crack-up boom.

Unlike 1929, 2000, or 2008, the Federal Reserve wasn’t slow to act. Remember that in America, the fear is DEFLATION. In Europe and Japan, the fear is inflation. Therefore, what’s most likely to occur is that the dollar will get weaker while the euro and yen get stronger over time.

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    Right now, the world is GLUED to dollars. The entire globe is de-risking its portfolios since no one really knows when repurposed drugs will be ready for mass-use.

    The vaccine has nothing to do with allowing people to go back to work. Instead, it’s a way, 18-24 months down the road, to make sure healthy people don’t get the disease.

    The fate and well-being of the economy rest on FDA approvals of existing cures for other diseases that will now be used for this one safely and effectively.


    In physical form, gold is seeing its highest demand since 2016, but what I CARE ABOUT is not just the demand from within our community of gold advocates, but also how mainstream investors, which will be the ones that set us up for a big PAYDAY, are positioning, since they represent NEW DEMAND.

    Bank of America’s chief investment strategist has just suggested putting 25% of your investment portfolio in gold. Realize that these types of allocations are CONSIDERED rare, coming from the months of bankers. The average portfolio has a 0.85% allocation to gold.

    Goldman Sachs has also gone on the record stating that gold is a MUST.

    Up until now, many had reservations as to how sound of an investment gold is, but its Q1 2020 performance has proven to everyone that it’s a true solution in a world of ZERO-RATE safe havens.


    The FED knows that it is running the risk of overheating the inflationary pressures if it keeps expanding its balance sheet without limitations.

    It is setting a dangerous precedence for investors who believe that crashes are now measured in days and weeks, not months or a couple of years.

    It is giving a false sense of assurance in a time when 30% of Americans with home loans, which represent roughly 15 million households, might delay their mortgage payments.

    By the end of April, what will spring up are HOT ZONES that will be deemed restricted and will have checkpoints going in and out. The areas less hit by the virus will begin to relax their restriction a bit. The next stage will be to slowly open the economy.

    The worst isn’t BEHIND us, but rests in the uncertainty of how economies will be re-opened.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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