Biden, Are You With Us?


It’s flimsy, at best. That’s what I would call most of Donald Trump’s open cases, and I want to be clear: if he wasn’t a New York City real estate shark and he was any other person wanting to be the president, he’d already crack, fold, and disappear into the political background. The fact that Trump is alive, kicking, and leading in polls shows you that his ability to withstand a clear witch hunt by the most powerful judicial system in the world is a testament to his thick skin.

On the other hand, he has his issues. In his time in office, he really pushed the limit of language that a president should be using.

While we cannot simply profile Donald Trump’s mental health or cognitive abilities, I am deeply aware that there are clear warning signs there as well.

Both candidates are old, and Biden’s mumbling, cue cards, and sleepwalking routines when going off-stage are obviously no laughing matter.

First of all, I think America needs new leaders that are younger and in their prime, probably in their late 50s or early 60s with great life experience but no decay of their mind or soul.

Why am I anxious about the president’s mental capabilities and the candidate that’s leading in the polls?


Think of the classroom where one of the pupils is a very nice person who was bullied and abused throughout preschool, so in first grade, they begin to learn karate and become a formidable champion.

In second grade, some of the children who used to bully them incite a fight, and the child retaliates. With one kick, they all realize that the child can put them all in the hospital, so they leave them alone, but because they love harassing them, they wish to continue to find deceitful new ways to hurt them.

One day, on their way to school, they all jump them at once. For a few minutes, they’re knocked out of balance, but they soon regain composure and begin to methodically beat the s**t out of them.

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    They learned karate for self-defense, but after this nasty attack, they will feel their wrath, so they don’t do it again.

    They all learn a valuable lesson, which is that if you bully and gang up on one person who happens to be capable, you will LOSE.

    Their parents realize their children are beaten up badly. Instead of asking their own kids why they wanted to use violence against one kid and what they did to them, they don’t have the moral compass to confront the monsters they raised at home. They march, protest, and demand the school principal expel the karate champion that was attacked by the mob.

    This is the story of Israel, a country of 9 million people facing off against close to a billion radical Muslims who have now used the stage they got in modern democratic countries to object to the most justified war in the world, the one against sadistic terrorists and the barbaric culture they developed in the Gaza Strip.

    President Putin knows this is his opportunity to advance in Ukraine. If successful, his next target is a NATO member, and that leads to WW3!

    If Israel doesn’t totally wipe out Hamas, Iran will escalate their proxies, and that will be WW3.

    If China looks at these two conflicts, realizes that America is distracted in the Middle East and Europe, and attacks Taiwan, that’s WW3.

    You can easily see the importance of mental health with the free world’s next president. Silence is complicity.

    Best Regards,

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