Hanging Plums

My friend who has served in the Israeli army told me about an exercise they do over there to determine willpower and tolerance to pain at all costs.

They call it “hanging plums.”

The commander instructs all the soldiers in the unit to hang on a horizontal bar until the last man is standing.

Sure, there’s an element of physical ability interwoven in it, but the difference between the soldiers that are truly capable of winning depends way more on their willpower than anything else.

If you want to, you’ll hang like a plum until your hands feel so sore near the elbows that you risk injury.

Then, they tell everybody to do it again, only blindfolded.

You don’t know if you’re the first to fall or how many are left and there is no measurement to compare yourself to. In complete silence, those that fall stand aside until there is no one hanging. The commander doesn’t tell the last person they’ve won and waits for them to struggle until they can’t do it any longer. Remember, this is a practice against yourself to see your own willpower.

Each of us reacts differently to pain and challenge.

He told me how some commanders scare the living daylights out of soldiers to see if they quit just by TELLING THEM what’s to come. In other words, some soldiers quit the unit solely on the expectation of pain without even going through the actual ordeal.

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    Algorithms are pricing the pain in, but what happens if you don’t quit and don’t sell with the rest of the losers?

    Two things will happen, according to my Israeli friend:

    1. You learn exactly who you are and how well you can handle pain, stress, and opportunity in contrarian thinking. 
    2. You are far more prepared for future wars. 
    3. You gain valuable experience. 
    4. You know how Wall Street and others think and understand whether or not you have an edge, mentally speaking.


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    Willingness to endure pain is a valuable skill – can you do it?

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