That Country Is Toast
Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen

If you’re looking for some China ranting and bashing, you’re in the right place.

Most Americans and Europeans have never set foot in China, but, as is often the case with globalization, they blame Washington for how China behaves.

Let me make it perfectly clear: China is a corrupt communistic dictatorship, because that’s what it is.

No one forced China to come up with its one-child policy, resulting in 336 million abortions.

What you really have to come to realize is that China is collapsing. If you don’t, if you allow any of these anti-globalization media outlets brainwash you into thinking that China has this grand plan and that Biden is asleep at the wheel, as if Biden is this all-capable computer who works alone in the White House, without hundreds of the most capable strategists and analysts by his side (and soon to be on Trump’s side? A girl can dream…), you’re mistaken.

China’s females are not having babies and the country is dying!

The demographics of China are appalling. The Great Leap Forwardresulted in a famine that killed millions.

China is in a great deal of a mess and I am shocked some Americans can’t see it, but whether anyone does or not, the bullshit lies from the National Bureau of Statistics in China can’t fool those of us who know that 1/5 of Chinese GDP is based on pure corruption, ghost cities, polluted water sources and inversed age pyramids.

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    If China can’t reverse its birth rate, by the end of this century, the United States will eclipse China in population size.

    China is nothing but a lucky beneficiary of globalization, but its insistence on fighting the very generous hand that looked away when IP theft occurred, when labor laws were broken, when aggression against Taiwan persisted and when bribery in Ivy League schools became an open secret, it now faces the consequences of its idiocy.

    Its billionaires are afraid to start businesses, its capital is fleeing and its future is uncertain, so it will get desperate, even more than it is today. The CCP may make many attempts, but to no avail.

    Its citizens may try to buy silver in an attempt to safeguard their savings, now that empty apartments in areas no one wants to live in turned out to be a bubble – but the price will surge!

    To me, silver is one of the most interesting metals, but nickel outshines it. Nickel is the most crucial element to EV batteries (29kg), but the United States has one mine. Worse still, the largest producers include China and Russia (and Indonesia and Philippines), so you know that the supply chain is shaky at best!

    Lastly, as was expected, Powell kept rates as is, but he did give us some precious nuggets and insights into his next moves and how they regard the global economy.

    Remember what I’m saying about the FED: It’s behind the curve and I believe the world is about to see a crazy turnaround, when Powell realizes it.

    Best Regards,

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