Bitcoin Hits $10,000 Again;
Digital Gold Going Mainstream

Future Money Trends was one of the FIRST newsletter publications on the face of the earth to ever cover Bitcoin. When it was only $13/coin, we showed you why it had breakthrough potential, but we had NO IDEA it would go on to become such a revolution. With the conornavirus body count officially going over 1,000 lives, the potential for a global recession is realistic.

We kept on explaining how Bitcoin is unique all through the past decade and in 2017, specifically, when it was still well under $600/coin, we began a series of special alerts that detailed: (1) what exactly Bitcoin is; (2) how to own it; (3) how to store it; and (4) the reasons why people want it.

A few days ago, the price of Bitcoin again reached 5 figures!


As you know, the price of Bitcoin moves higher thanks to multiple reasons, not just one. It has the following: (1) a scarcity angle; (2) a digital gold angle, with the possibility of a global recession, due to the uncertainty of the virus; (3) the halving catalyst; (4) a Wall Street adoption angle; and (5) the unbanked angle.

Right now, it looks like the price is gaining traction, due to the coronavirus spreading and because of the halving in May of this year.

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    Bitcoin does not generate any yield, just as gold doesn’t and Warren Buffett’s company doesn’t.

    When asked, Buffett made the remark that instead of forcing a dividend on all shareholders, investors should simply sell a small portion of their holding every time they need cash and let the rest of it ride.

    That is a fundamentally strong strategy, even when it comes to Bitcoin, otherwise no one can ever realize the spread, created by the difference between the purchase and sell price.

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    There are growth opportunities that management is working on, as well as potential new product offerings.

    The company’s shares currently trade within PENNIES of ALL-TIME LOWS!

    Currently, we’re in the lowest price range since Koios began trading, BUT it is generating revenues and has projectionsto increase revenues through 2020 and 2020.

    The market cap is only USD$8M, so  without a doubt its a young company that we’re entering in during its earliest stages.

    Koios Beverages (CSE: KBEV & US: KBEVF)!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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