And It’s China that is Behind It

When I ask the average American about the country that is spearheading de-dollarization (if he even knows what I’m talking about), he points the finger at one of two things: his own Congress, which wastes trillions in deficit spending, or the main foreign adversary, China.

First off, why is it that politicians in the United States can’t get a handle on the national debt?

Did you ever ask yourself why Bill Clinton was able to generate a surplus during his terms? Did the class of 1992-1997 know how to make magic happen?

After WW2, the United States emerged victorious. Like the Persians, the Greeks, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Ottomans and the British before them, they had a choice… Do we capitalize on our formidable military and financial advantages and take over the world, just like the empires of old, or do we create a different future for the human race?

The sheer atrocities of WW2, the horrors of Europe, extermination camps, tens of millions of dead soldiers, demolished cities and the unimaginable nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, inspired a new class of geo-strategists who argued that this is the path to utter destruction, should nuclear war be normalized.

What made Germany, a prominent European culture, a Western civilized population, to lose their senses and agree to vote into power a psychopath with genocidal aspirations and dictatorial outlook on life?

They argued that past trauma and loss of national dignity from the Versailles Treaty, which the French and British made Germany sign at the end of WW1, scarred the once proud nation of industrialists, so revenge was planted as a seed, to germinate and grow.

The oppressed wanted to strike back… this is the common theme of warfare between nation-states, and before that, between monarchies, and before that, between tribes, and before that, probably between clans and family units.

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    An eye-for-an-eye was the eternal mandate, many have argued that it was unavoidable: the weak build-up to their Day of Reckoning, plotting vengeance and waiting for their opportunity to strike back.

    An experimental superpower emerged from the ashes of WW2, though. This one had a foe, an equal, a rival of epic proportions, and it could have chosen to completely take over vast stretches of land, expand its borders without much struggle and follow in the way of Ceasars and Napoleons, but it did the unthinkable…

    Instead of gobbling up more territory and becoming richer than Solomon in all his might, it reasoned otherwise.

    Harry Truman and his Deep State council foresaw that a better future could be had if the United States would be the policeman or the world, in charge of engineering a framework of global co-operation amongst free nations.

    What an insane idea: Lift up those who are in pain, who have been ruined and crushed into dust, so they’d remember your assistance and your decision not to turn their nation into a proxy of yours.

    The United States showed the world that a superpower can be inviting, but not all countries joined rank, and today, one interesting rising power is working on dethroning the mighty buck… that country is INDIA.

    In my next publication, I’ll explain exactly how.

    Best Regards,

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