Focus on the Big Picture

The giant anteater isn’t the most beautiful and majestic animal out there. From snout to tail, it measures 6.5 feet, more than most humans, and it consumes insects… lots of them.

On any given day, the giant anteater can gobble up 35,000 insects!

It specializes in doing just that; its tongue is long and narrow, with a length of 2 feet (60cm), and it has backward-pointing spikes covered with sticky saliva.

Using its massive claws, it digs into the areas where insects roam, and it takes out its tongue up to 150 times per minute! 

The giant anteater has no teeth so it grinds food against the roof of its mouth.

It has adapted to its qualities and characteristics that are perfect and essential for the job it needs to do, but it won’t win any beauty contests and doesn’t inspire much popularity among humans. It doesn’t need to because it only cares about results in its own little world.

The alligator snapping turtle is also one unique and weird creature. Evolution has shaped a small, blood-filled addition to its tongue so that when it lies perfectly still on the ocean floor, opening its mouth, curious fish come near and it consumes them whole.

These are gorgeous creatures, and you won’t look at them with awe, but they have zeroed in on what they need to do, and that’s how they thrive.

Wall Street’s agenda and yours are very different.

Hedge fund managers, for example, work on a month-by-month basis, and their whole industry is based on how they perform relative to the index they are benchmarked against because redemption rumors spread fast and a fund can lose customers in droves if they feel the manager has lost their touch.

It’s not uncommon to see a bull in solar stocks buy their favorite company while shorting the ETF of solar businesses as a hedge.

Fund managers care about losing their jobs, while we care about owning more equities in the world’s most attractive stock market.

The anteater doesn’t care what others see when they look at its peculiar tongue because it serves a purpose. You shouldn’t care what Wall Street tells you a phenomenal business is worth today if you know that it will be worth 10x that in 5-10 years.

Wall Street will sell companies with a 10x potential all day long if they think that its next quarter or two will be lame.

You, on the other hand, should be accumulating them.

When I look at the market today, I see companies that have 15-20 years of growth ahead of them and are attractive for the first time in years.

If you are in the asset accumulation phase of your life, this freak year of 2022 is a gift.

The further you approach retirement, the more real estate should be a priority for you because of its stability compared to stocks.

The Davos elites are truly looking to reshape the world as we know it.

They’re talking about new supply chains, new laws, and a new approach to China, among other things.

With change comes many opportunities, and though the Davos elites wish to keep the lion’s share of the spoils, financial education will liberate you to see the immense opportunities out there!

Keep studying the big picture.

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