Dear Reader,

You’re either designing the lifestyle you want and implementing the habits and daily decisions it will take to get what you want or you’re just passing time until death.

There’s nothing worse than seeing humans just going through the motions of life without actually doing any living.

We all make choices daily that determine the quality of our lives.

Financially, the average American has made horrible choices: financing everything, borrowing too much, taking out loans for all the wrong reasons, and spending more than they actually generate in income.

It’s the “thank God it’s Friday” mentality: get through the work week, usually at a job that doesn’t fulfill them, and make it to the weekend and finally have control of their time!

In the book Don’t Save For Retirement, chapter 1 defines wealth as control of one’s time.

The only way you can truly be in control of your day is to become financially independent.

Our own definition of financial independence at Future Money Trends is designing a lifestyle where your passive income (income that doesn’t require you to exchange time for money) can pay for your daily needs and desires.

***Here are some easy steps to take immediately to become financially independent.***

It’s good to take the time to reflect and update your focus, and today’s the perfect day to think about these 3 actions you can take.

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    1. Where can you dramatically cut spending? This includes revising insurance plans, moving, canceling memberships, driving a car you can afford, optimizing your taxes, and removing horrendous spending habits.
    Review your credit card and banks statements for the last 3 months today with a red marker for things that should be annihilated and a yellow highlighter for things that can be reduced or replaced.

    2. Define exactly what you want. With your life partner, if you have one, ask yourselves where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, and what it will take to achieve this.

    What’s important to you? What do you value? What are the times and experiences that make you happy every day? Then ask yourself how you can have more of those moments.

    These are easy questions that we rarely ask ourselves, but once we do, we can get our focus down to a point that nothing can stop us – our happiness becomes one with our daily habits.

    3. Investing… 90% of your investable assets, in our opinion, should be in assets that make you money. I’m talking about monthly and quarterly paychecks from dividend-paying stocks like In-Bev Anheuser Busch (NYSE: BUD), private REITs like, and any investment that pays you a yield.

    I always ask myself before making an investment if my children and grandchildren will be able to do business with this company. If the answer is yes, that gives me the safety I’m looking for.

    Along with income, you should be focusing on preservation.

    The other 10% of your investable assets can be for things like cash/gold or speculation, like micro-cap companies.

    Gold and cash are for opportunity and safety, with speculation to potentially be paid for massive value creation.

    The life you have today was determined by the last 5 years’ worth of daily decisions you’ve made.

    If your future self from 2024 could come back to pass a message to you, what do you think they’ll need to tell you? What’s the one thing you would need to tell yourself that’s imperative to you living a fulfilled life?

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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