Dear Reader,

Everybody says they want to be financially secure, but talk is cheap and action is king.

Over reliance on talk and wishful thinking is what keeps people from getting next-level results.
The power of compounding works for everything in life!

Small decisions and daily habits add up big over time and eventually put your health, wealth, and happiness in a state that is far higher than you could have ever achieved by just “trying” to do better.
In other words, it’s more than just the same old “see it and you’ll achieve it” stuff that you hear over and over. The results come from the doing, and no one can change your quality of life except you.
Focus on outcomes and ask yourself this: what do I have to do to get there? Literally, write it down, spend a day truly defining what you want, what that end result looks like, and then plan out a very specific path to get there.

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    1. Redefine Your Goals
    First things first: most peoples’ goals suck. The human brain doesn’t adapt well to objectives that aren’t specific and measurable, so stop setting yourself up for failure with weak, vague goals. Phrases like “ought to,” “thinking about,” and “someday” have absolutely no place in a 1%-er’s brain, but it’s not just about rewording your goals: you have to reinvent them so that you can clearly see yourself doing them.
    Becoming financially independent or even retiring is a vision, but what does that EXACT outcome look like to you? The funny thing is that most people can achieve their goals a lot faster once they realize exactly what they need.
    The alternative is you’ll just keep chugging along because the goal isn’t defined, so even as you grow, you feel like the goal is a mirage. For example, I know people who have $15 million who live like they are broke, when in reality, if they had truly defined their outcome, they could have experienced what they were looking for years ago with $2 million. Instead, they’re rich and miserable about it.
    Think about a world-champion bodybuilder: do you think they set vague goals? How about a top-performing hedge fund investor?
    To the day, to the pound, and to the dollar, the elite performers and the top earners quantify what they’re going to achieve and their time frames are clearly stated and recorded. They also keep themselves accountable by publishing or announcing their goals to others – a next-level practice for enhanced results.
    2. Regularly Stop and Reflect
    You might think that elite performers are engrossed in their work 24/7, but that’s far from the truth. The schedule of a top 1% achiever purposely includes resting periods because the brain cannot function properly without breaks for relaxation and recuperation.
    This means knowing when to “say when”: listen to your body and your brain telling you that it’s time to stop and come back to your tasks later. Reflect on your accomplishments and relish them; this is not hubris, but a regeneration of your mind so that you can come back fresher and stronger. By doing less for short periods, you’ll sometimes actually be able to accomplish more in the long run.
    3. Have a Financial Safety Net
    This is specifically for our readers who are just starting out.
    Take the worry and stress out of your finances by saving enough money to cover at least six months’ worth of living expenses. Hardly anybody does this, but being a top 1% achiever means doing what others won’t and sacrificing today’s trifles for tomorrow’s peace of mind.
    ***Ideally, I like holding a good portion of cash in physical gold. It’s inconvenient to sell it, which makes it a great savings vehicle because you won’t just tap into it at the first sign of trouble.
    I like backing myself into a wall and forcing myself to find a solution, so save, but don’t make your savings an easily accessible checking account.
    Saving every month for an emergency fund is a habit that sets the high achievers apart. Even if you’re not financially independent yet, you’ll still have a wealthy mindset and when crisis strikes, you’ll be calm and centered while the others are short on money, time, and options.
    These are all actionable steps that you can and must take today if you’re serious about upgrading your life experience.
    If you haven’t already done so, I consider this a must: buy and read the book Don’t Save for Retirement.
    It will help reshape your thinking about money and its role in your life.
    I put it up there with Rich Dad Poor DadThink and Grow Rich, and Unlimited Power.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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