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Markets are GOING NUTS right now!

Since the March lows, the major indices are SURGING, along with gold. The S&P 500 is touching 3,000 points and gold is hovering around $1,720/OUNCE.

This is, OF COURSE, a unique situation where the correlation of stocks and precious metals is getting stronger. We’ve been able to truly CAPITALIZE ON THIS using the FOUR HORSES that we highlighted nearly one year ago. These four companies have delivered exquisite results for years!

Franco Nevada, which we featured MANY TIMES before, is up more than 300% since our 2016 alert. It is also up EXACTLY 80% since our alert in June 2019!

Royal Gold, our second royalty play, is up 34% and SURGING towards its all-time high!

Next week, we’re going to add a FIFTH superstar company to this list that we consider a MUST-OWN, so stay tuned for that.

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As you read this, the LARGEST and most GIFTED medical companies on the planet are racing to find the most PROFITABLE and most COMFORTABLE ways to diagnose, treat, and cure COVID-19 patients.

Testing capabilities have gone up DRAMATICALLY.

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    The United States has proven itself to be an INDUSTRIAL EMPIRE during this by unleashing its tremendous INGENUITY and UNMATCHED technological capabilities.

    In the battle for supremacy, the U.S. kicked ass compared to China or Russia during the crisis.


    The impact of the coronavirus is going to be with us for at least another year but the STRENGTH that the private sector has shown throughout this period is ENCOURAGING.

    The negative ramification of the virus is that the government is REALLY taking charge of the financial destiny of TOO MANY working families who are relying on Uncle Sam instead of what’s between their ears and its infinite potential.

    There’s no point GUESSING what will happen next.

    Instead, let’s understand the importance of the moment:

    1. Only 0.51% of GLOBAL ASSETS are currently held in gold. In 2012, it was 70% higher than that. Using that logic, we can anticipate that the price has TREMENDOUS UPSIDE.

    This is particularly true now with NIRP around the globe!

    1. If the playbook is similar to that of 2009 then risks have GROWN EXPONENTIALLY.

    Think about it: between 2009 and 2013, the FED launched several programs, but after COVID-19, its abilities have GREATLY DIMINISHED. It seems hard to imagine the FED introducing a more aggressive tool than the ones already deployed.

    What that means is that we are going to see far more FISCAL POLICIES in the future, such as helicopter money.


    If you don’t trust this rally, the MAIN REASON for that is that it is the computer trading algorithms that are doing ALL OF THE BUYING.

    In this world, the rich have UNFAIR ADVANTAGES, one of them being access to lobbying power and exclusive information.

    The wealth gap is increasing daily and the purpose of this newsletter is to make sure NO ONE who wants to take the time to learn and implement proven principles gets LEFT BEHIND.

    1. Low Initial Capital Home-Based Businesses: Dig your heels in and make this happen for you. Retail is not going away, but online shopping is in ITS INFANCY.

    I know of scores of individuals who make a GREAT LIVING buying and selling online.

    1. Network: I know of NOTHING that speeds up the process of wealth creation as much as communicating and brainstorming with others who are on the same path as you. Put effort into this!
    2. Do Your Homework: Be ready to dazzle. You must be HUNGRY FOR IT. All employers and clients want ADDED VALUE.

    Trust the process of LEARNING. Spend no time minding other people’s business because this will get you NOWHERE. Think about how to improve your lot by catering to the needs and wants of the market.

    You can do this!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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