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The government’s continued efforts to crush the dollar will not end. With the announcement of even more stimulus, and the creation of dollars out of noting, the central bank has only sped up the destruction of United States dollar.

This is not the comforting news anyone really wants to hear, but it is nonetheless the reality we find ourselves in. It is inevitable that the U.S. dollar will crash and burn. It is backed by nothing but “the full faith and credit of the U.S. government,” which people are losing quickly.

The dollar is being systematically destroyed and the ongoing invention of even more stimulus is threatening to crush it for good. The U.S. is not in any kind of good position when it comes the economic ramifications of the draconian lockdowns. Not only was liberty stomped on, so was the dollar.

At the very least, Bitcoin, also backed by nothing making it a fiat currency, is not centrally controlled and the creation of Bitcoin is not up to the very few who think they have a right to own the planet and the entire monetary system.

Is it just a coincidence that the U.S. government is doing the exact things known to crash their currency: Create more money out of nothing, ballooning deficits, and a national debt that dwarfs gross domestic product? Perhaps, but there are also a lot of converging agendas playing out in broad daylight right now.

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    The game is rigged, and that is simply scratching surface of this system. The corporations will get their bailouts while local small businesses will go under as the government forced them out of business to comply with lockdown commands. It sure looks like this is being done on purpose to roll out a one world currency after scooping up all the property foreclosed during this economic meltdown. And lo and behold, the World Economic Forum says that is exactly what they intend to do.

    The World Economic Forum has already announced they would like to do a global currency reset, which would mean every dollar in your bank would become mostly useless, unless you trade them in for the new global currency that will, of course, be centrally managed.
    If you have put off preparation for an economic calamity, now might be the time to reconsider. You still have some time, but how much is in question.

    Even though the dollar will crash at some point, most people will still look to it as a “safe haven.” Because of that, having some cash on hand will not hurt, just know that at some point, that cash will be worthless.

    It is not a matter of IF the dollar collapses, it is a matter of WHEN, and you will have no choice but to accept the new one world digital currency.
    If you do not have gold, silver, or any other metals outside of the Federal Reserve’s evil monetary system, you will most likely be crushed. Your savings is going to be worth less than the paper your monthly statement is printed on.

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