Russia Is in Trouble;
Unless You’re Brainwashed…

PREFACE: Tens of millions of Americans are die-hard critics of U.S. interventionism in the affairs of other countries. This isn’t a new phenomenon… “unconstitutional wars,” which is to say military operations, embarked upon without the approval of congress, are a major topic of debate for a growing number of anti-globalists, who believe that if only the U.S. government would cease to meddle in the geopolitics of other nations, everything would be rosy and no leader would pursue to totally threaten the very existence of the United States and the prosperity of its citizens, because they’re all so good-hearted and just want to live in peace with others, like the Germans in WW2 and the Soviets after the war…

Isolationists are those who allowed Japan to nearly reach San Francisco and Seattle and, left to run the State Department, they would have probably welcomed Russian nuclear bases in Cuba, because why not? Cuba is a sovereign country, so let’s be isolationists in a world where everyone else has imperial aspirations and see how that works out…

Brainwashed isolationists believe that U.S. foreign policy is the source of aggression, that they provoke wars as a means to feed their lust for war and bloodshed or something of that nature… Who knows what they think anymore?

But for the rest of us, the level-headed thinkers, we don’t paint the world in black and white colors, and we know that the world is mostly run by authoritarian regimes (you know, the kind that led to Europeans fleeing the continent, in search of a new world), and not protecting America’s interest abroad could have easily led to nuclear weapons aimed at Washington by now. Then, your standard of living would probably be that of a 2nd-world country.  

Let’s talk about the recent game-changing developments in Russia, but before we do, it is important to stress that if one is conditioned to believe that Putin has “an ace up his sleeve” or that “he’s holding back, waiting for his big move” or any sort of nonsense like that, he cannot hear this message, because his soul is invested in the idea that he’s right and the rest of us are blind to the “sophistication” of Moscow…

In the real world, some commercial-grade drones {meaning the kind you can buy at Target} have been wreaking havoc deep in Russian territory, and while this isn’t enough to tilt the odds in Ukraine’s favor or anything of that magnitude, the success of these non-NATO weapons, the type that can easily be deployed by the various oppressed ethnic groups, living under the rule of Moscow, is a big deal.

The little guy, the minority groups that have rebelled again and again, but to no avail, now have a strategy and this is definitely opening up lots of possibilities to many small-time armies across the globe.

Putin realizes that Ukraine now has an inexpensive way to making life on the home front a living hell and that others may follow in the footsteps of the Ukrainians.

Foreign aid is perhaps one of the most controversial topics for any American; why am I funding this war? Why do I care about what happens halfway around the world?

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    Valid question, and the answer is that a stronger Russia means that it will be their nuclear submarine that roam your eastern seaboard, it will be the Chinese fleet that docks in the Hawaiian Islands, and that countries will deal with China and Russia first on technology, drug development, materials and anything else you can think of.

    Let’s see how Putin responds to drone attacks… for now, he has asked for a 1-on-1 with President Xi…

    Best Regards,

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