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I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s alert to you before the market opens today.

In my career, I’ve rarely seen so exciting a value play for a tech company.

Honestly, the math is better than we’ve seen for venture capital deals. The current share price would be ridiculously cheap, in my opinion, if this were a private company looking to sell the entire business or a piece of it to an investor.

Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank can only dream of being able to buy into a business this cheap.

Company: ICOx Innovations
Ticker: ICOX

Today, the stock trades for $0.20. With 23M outstanding shares, the company is valued at C$4.6M.

I consider this to be one of the best business opportunities I see right now.

ICOx Innovations is as disruptive as the blockchain because they are the ones helping companies implement it.

They’ve landed some of the biggest names in the world!

Here is who is hiring them to design, build, and manage their corporate digital currencies:

1. Cathio – the burgeoning payment infrastructure for the Catholic Churchcommunity: They’re applying blockchain technology to offer an easy-to-use payment solution that responds to the needs of their community and nonprofit institutions.

This was recently announced over the weekend, so I suspect this may make some national — or even global — headlines.

CathioCoin will be designed to help the Catholic community secure transactions and information with blockchain technology. It will be simple, trusted, and a huge cost-saver.

Cathio’s Board and Advisors also include the co-founder of ICOx, Cameron Chell, former Senator Rick SantorumSecretary Jim Nicholson, who is a former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, and The Honorable Edmund Moy, the 38th Director of the US Mint.

2. KODAKOne: A blockchain-based image rights management platform that enables photographers to protect, distribute and license their work while getting paid more quickly with fewer intermediaries.

3. FreedomCoin ( This one is huge since I’ve gone through the process of buying a legal firearm to protect my family.FreedomCoin will allow users of, the world’s largest online marketplace for firearm products, to pay for purchases via an easy-to-use digital wallet.

Using U.S. dollars to purchase FreedomCoin, buyers and sellers can save money and time by using a secured blockchain rather than a bank or credit card.

ICOX also is a 20% stakeholder and did the blockchain development work for BitRail, which is a blockchain infrastructure platform that enables entities to operate and issue regulatory-compliant cryptocurrencies for payment within their platforms.

ICOx is highly disruptive to the credit card industry, banks, and PayPal.

The incumbents have high fees, provide little or no customer data, and their reward programs are really designed to drive customer loyalty to them, rather than to the brand of the actual company you are transacting with.

This is an early-stage company with an enormous opportunity in front of them.

Immediate Recommendation: Consider the opportunity in ICOx Innovations (ICOX).

Shares trade in both the U.S. and Canada under ICOX.

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