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No one could ever write a script for what we’re undergoing right now as a species.

This is a depression on multiple fronts, point-blank.

The Federal Reserve has EXHAUSTED all of its ammunition; from here on, it’s up to Washington to pass a fiscal package that can MAKE WHOLE the businesses and individuals that are GETTING WIPED by this total shutdown of the economy and to go ALL-IN on containing the virus from spreading.

This is virtually unprecedented. I’m telling you that we are days away from entering a WORLD OF HURT if the Senate doesn’t embark on the MOTHER of all stimulus packages.

Jerome Powell has put aside his hand grenades and assault rifles and went STRAIGHT TO firing a NUCLEAR BOMB on the markets, which he assumed would be sufficient – the central bank has cut rates to ZERO!

In less than one month, the world’s largest economy has slashed 1.50% from the FED Funds Rate, a chain of decisions and a monetary process, which I believe will be written about in HISTORY BOOKS around the world.


The central banks around the globe are PUSHING THEIR LIMITS, as you can see. This is important because it means that all of the pressure to act is now being transferred to governments. The coronavirus has made monetary policy IRRELEVANT, or better yet, INSUFFICIENT. You can’t just paper over this.

Credit markets HAVE EASED thanks to the FED’s drastic actions, but for the tens of millions – and even billions — of individuals whose income has been FROZEN, CUT, OR SUSPENDED, the relief must come from their political landscape. This fiat monetary system is just so broken and full of plumbing cracks.

It’s clear that what the government has already announced doesn’t PLEASE investors in the least since yesterday we saw one of the WORST days in WALL STREET history!

Oil prices are down below $30/barrel and gold has cratered even though there’s an ACUTE and SEVERE shortage of physical products. Silver has gone so far down that the ratio hit over 120:1, DESPITE the fact that the U.S. Mint is out of silver. It’s now at an 11-yr low.


Looking at history, we will not be back to the levels we traded at before the virus spread for YEARS AND YEARS!

I’m currently projecting 26-30 months before the full recovery from this is truly felt and another fiscal year, before markets reach the February highs. In other words, this will take close to four years to erase the losses.

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    The solution will HAVE TO address the problems that employees are facing, losing their sole source of income and not having much to fall back on. This will be a BOTTOM-UP bailout, as opposed to a TOP-DOWN one, such as what we saw in 2008.

    There’s no sugarcoating here: there will be HELICOPTER MONEY in some form since the government has MANDATED that businesses close their doors, forcing workers to either get fired or to sit at home while schools are closed – and do so without a paycheck.


    The numbers will begin to surface in the coming days and weeks so investors can FINALLY gauge the damage caused by this pandemic, but you can already see above how DETRUCTIVE this has been.

    This is unlike 2008 because banks were so well-capitalized this time around, which is FUNDAMENTALLY critical.

    Secondly, China’s quick bounce back from the ashes to running at nearly full capacity is impressive.

    Congress and the Senate must work at LIGHTNING SPEED to produce the relief bill and take America out of its misery!

    The financial system is intact. I repeat: this is not a collapse of our banking system, but rather an EARNINGS RECESSION that, handled in the wrong way, will turn into a DEPRESSION. The risk of a DEBT DEFLATION, which is the source of the lethality of the Great Depression, will likely be avoided by the LARGEST-EVER bailout, to the tune of trillions.

    Hold on tight and conserve your spending to the essentials. This is no time for ADVENTURES!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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