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The stock market isn’t lower because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.  While the timing is uncanny, the real reason the market is lower is because the first stock market correction of 2020 is upon us, and the government is attempting to steer the market.

Centralized authority and banking are making this market one of the toughest to analyze in mankind’s history. It’s important to keep in mind too, that all this instability is not the fault of some random viral outbreak. (Learn to protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak here). The real reason the market is so volatile is because of a market correction.

The market hasn’t actually undergone a correction since October of last year. Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist, also says the first major stock market pullback since October may be under way. The strategist, in a research report dated January 27, references the market “correction,” which market technicians usually define as a decline from a recent peak of at least 10%. However, his prediction that the market is more likely to decline by half that much indicates that he’s forecasting a retreat from stocks that have hovered near records rather than a traditional correction.

Several media reports have stated that the coronavirus, a virus like SARS is to blame for the market drop. The rapidly spreading virus in China has sparked fears of a global outbreak that could curtail economic expansion in the world’s second-largest economy.

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    Stock markets have traded south in the past several sessions, with the Dow momentarily losing its grip on gains for 2020. Even though the coronavirus isn’t at fault, you should know how to protect yourself. Wat the expense of being called a “gold bug” (guilty) with all of this insecurity all occurring at the same time, perhaps you consider grabbing some gold.

    Gold is an excellent way to protect yourself against the (often all too obvious) market manipulations of the governments of the world. It’ll act as insurance against rising inflation, government borrowing, and the bursting of the, well…everything bubble, to be quite fair. Inflation, or the devaluation of the dollar (the United States’ fiat currency) is well underway with deficits this year expected to top $1 trillion. Gold can help you secure your personal wealth against the greed of politicians as this election year weighs heavy on our bank accounts too.

    Far too many democrats are demanding higher taxes and that you pay them more of the money you worked hard to earn.  When you couple all these scenarios with that of a “stoke market correction,” you could have a recipe for disaster. But brace yourself, because it won’t be bad forever. Especially if you are prepared.

    It could get worse before it gets better, but with all these issues converging, it may be the exact situation we need for people to realize their lives, wealth, and health, are in their own hands. Don’t expect to be saved by anyone, least of all any “authority.” Take matter into your own hands and protect your health and wealth on your own!

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