Don’t Get Schooled By Market Forces

A dozen cities in China are on LOCKDOWN, which means that 50 million human beings are QUARANTINED. It also means that factories are shut down, the demand for materials (especially oil and copper) is down HARD, and getting products in and out of mainland China is A HUGE HASSLE. Bottom line: China’s stock market is tanking, and foods and beverages, or anything sensitive to globalization, is under a MAGNIFYING GLASS.


Look at the plummeting price of oil. Notice that oil’s bottom came at the same time as GOLD’S bottom, which was December 2015.

This is why gold has crashed in recent days; they are highly CORRELATED.

Right now, China’s domestic needs for oil are falling hard, but they’ll recover just as fast later on.

Meanwhile though, commodities are a dangerous minefield.

As you can see below, investors are just looking for ways to PARK CASH, even in bonds that guarantee a nominal loss.


Negative-yielding debt has soared $3 trillion in the last two weeks, which means that the U.S. domestic economy continues to be the strongest, by far.

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    The problems are definitely surface-level and we can see that the drama in the OVERNIGHT repo market is not going away!

    It’s oversubscribed again, injecting $94B in a single click of a button, and investors want MORE – they want lower rates.


    Because of all these factors, the best strategy is to focus on opportunities that are: (1) not impacted negatively by the VIRUS; (2) haven’t rallied into sensational all-time highs; (3) aren’t negatively affected by commodities and their volatility;and (4) leverage the dominance of the behemoths, like Amazon and Walmart.

    The coronavirus is just another reminder of the importance of health and nutrition. In fact, millennials are referred to as the most wellness-conscious generation in history.

    In light of this, companies that STRAIGHT-UP dominate the food and beverage industry have actually designated entire units towards finding ways of either acquiring or developing new products, and they’re spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS on it.

    The wars on cigarettes and, more recently, on vaping, are just the beginning. The government will probably go into caffeine, energy drink warnings, and there’s the long fight against opioids.

    I am radically bullish on a company that is trading NEAR ALL-TIME LOWS with a market cap of USD$7.5M and projected revenues in 2021 of USD$7.5M – it’s that cheap right now!

    Koios Beverages (CSE: KBEV & US: KBEVF) is my NUMBER-ONE priority right now!

    I have followed this stock closely since it began trading. It traded this low in September 2018, and two weeks later shares were up 5-FOLD. In February 2019, it again traded near today’s price, and within a week it was up 4-FOLD.

    In just a few years since inception, the company is already selling its line of products in about 1,100 Walmart locations and another 2,400 GNC stores, all on U.S. SOIL!

    These are FUNCTIONAL beverages, which are the future. The soda series has ZERO calories and the functional beverages are full of formulated ingredients that target mental and physical excellence. 

    In terms of consumer picks, Koios Beverages (CSE: KBEV & US: KBEVF) is the one I’m GUNNING FOR MOST!

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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