For those already distraught with understanding of how the centralized banking fiat currency system operates, this will not be comforting. The entire globe is inching toward the issuance of digital currency fully controlled by central banks.

News seems to come out daily that highlights the “need” or the “desire” for a fully controlled monetary system in which most people will own nothing while a few will own everything: including the people who own nothing. If this sounds dystopian, that is because it is.

The dire situation we are facing collectively as human beings could not be much worse. A world is forming in which the few control the many through a digital currency. That much is apparent. Unfortunately, there is only one solution, and it is the one that will be the most difficult.

The only way out is for people to realize that they are human beings and their life is their own responsibility and their freedom is not for sale. We are not “beholden” to any other human for any reason. There is no excuse for people to still be bowing to or submitting to any politician or ruler who makes demands of them. Until people realize this, we are in a lot of trouble.

For each day we go unaware of what our future holds if we allow the few to push a digital currency on us is one day closer to the dystopia future only books have written about, and most cannot even fathom. If we allow the elitists to force a digital currency on us, each transaction will monitored and disallowed if they see fit. They will be able to cut off those who dissent who dare to speak the truth that we were all born free and are not in these people’s debt.

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    We all need to make sure we stay aware of what’s being planned for us. If we lose this war on humanity, our children and grandchildren will be permanent slaves to be used and discarded when those in power decide they are no longer useful.

    This is not an exaggeration either. We are facing the worst of a dystopian nightmare if we do not open our eyes to reality soon. The threat of a forced vaccine is minimal compared to the threat of universal basic income in the form of a digital currency. Of course, they will make it sound irresistible. But we must resist at all costs.

    We are not pets to be owned by those at the top. No one owns this planet and we do not owe our existence to those who want to keep us in shackles forever and barcode our future generations.

    The biggest problem we face right now is other human beings not understanding this concept. We will be dragged down with them. It is time to be aware of what is going on and make plans to ensure our way of life is not dependent on any system.

    I am buying privacy cryptocurrencies, such as Monero. But you do what you find is best. The biggest solution is to correct the mindset of people. Until then, no amount of preparedness will save anyone. It starts with the mind. Understand. That is the first step. There can be no solution until we understand the reality and gravity of what we face.

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