Losers of the World UNITE!


Today’s publication is not for everybody… unfortunately, one must be able to look deep within and be honest with themselves before accepting the truth regardless of biases.

To those whose only real joy in life is development, this one will come as a breath of fresh air, but to others whose being is tied to finding faults, it will infuriate them. But should someone speak truth or cuddle and caress delusions since they make others feel better?

Are we interested in a society that is straightforward or one that suffers from schizophrenia?

I go back to this word: ineptitude.

It comes from Latin and means unsuitable or absurd.

When I get into the minds of the woke left and the posterchild of the extreme left, Greta Thunberg, what do I see most?

I see ineptitude as the driving force. This ineptitude at the core of the soul breeds hate –especially towards the competent and talented.

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    To compensate for the lack of any real skill, those like her must look outside of themselves to point a finger, otherwise she’d have to look within and take accountability for her own shortcomings. That is a painful process, so she marches, protests, and creates chaos against all that represent success and wealth since these must be “corrupt” or she’d have to admit that what got the successful where they are is nestled between their ears, which would mean she must finally look in the mirror.

    Being oppressed is much simpler. Like a child whose parents attempt to teach life principles such as hard work, determination, flexibility, and patience, all of which take effort to develop, she lashes out at the ineptitude and laziness of her mentality. But since she can’t take responsibility, like the child, she takes it out on her own “parents,” the “oppressors.”

    This entire woke blindness stems from an inner escapism from putting in the work to develop, which is too hard for many. Their thought process is that if you can’t become a beautiful and worthy person, they will simply channel their rage against the signs of abundance, excellence, and merit by blaming them for getting there by climbing over the rest to get there.

    People like Greta do not have dreams and aspirations because then they’d have to work to achieve them and face adversity, which she isn’t capable of coping with. Just imagine that feeling when more people like her have to face the music as they get fired from their minimum-wage jobs.

    How does all of this tie into gold?

    BLM protests under the Trump administration happened at a time of massive social stimulus programs, but those have ended.

    The type of rage the inept woke left is capable of is historic when the unemployment rises to 5%, there’s worker strikes, and there’s finger-pointing at parents, businesses, and governments (anyone but themselves), and it’s something the U.S. is about to deal with.

    Powell won’t be able to handle the pressure of 5% unemployment and will cut rates in either March or May, earlier than currently priced in, and the price of gold will shoot up.

    It is up to you. Always and forever, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

    Best Regards,

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