PIIGS, But in Reverse

Between 2009 and 2011, the PIIGS were the 5 European countries that were destined to go belly-up and end up insolvent. The worst of all was Greece, which was bailed out by the E.U. and primarily pinned upon the German taxpayer, leading to the motto “privatize profits, socialize losses.”

The effort to pump liquidity into the system in order to save the world from Eurozone members going bankrupt and destroying the economic unit that is the euro led to doing whatever it takes.

Central banks kicked into high gear, and the street was convinced that this will lead to hyperinflation. Silver and gold soared like crazy.

Once it was clear that Greece will be saved and that the countries in this nightmarish scenario will live to see another day, the world sold out of its gold and silver, and prices plummeted.

It was a complex and worrying situation that ended with a bailout that kicked the can down the road and allowed these countries to be restructured and get better.

The alternative would have been a global depression that started in Europe and spread across the world.
Today, we’re facing a very different situation, but the threat still primarily comes from Europe.

Europe is no stranger to crises and tragedy. Not even 100 years ago, it faced the continent’s most intense Armageddon event, the commencement of WW2 in September 1939, precisely 83 years ago.

One of Germany’s most important advantages was its coded message machine called “Enigma.” They were so confident of the literal impossibility to encrypt and decipher it that they sent everything on it…

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    They went all-in on sending any and all orders through it.

    There was good reason for this confidence.

    In order to crack it, you’d have to set your machine to the same settings of the sending Enigma, and there were 159 quintillion possibilities, which is 18 ZEROES after the 159.

    To make matters even worse, the Nazis changed the settings every 24 hours, so you had to re-crack the Enigma daily.

    Cracking the encryption meant everything the Germans were communicating, all of their plans and needs, would be visible to the other side, and the British created a unit of codebreakers to attempt this monumental feat.

    It was a team led by the genius Alan Turing, which finally did it. All he had to do was create the first-ever computer and pioneer artificial intelligence to get it done.

    Historians estimate that cracking the Enigma conservatively saved the lives of 14 million human beings.

    Europe recovered, flourished, and prospered. Today, it is facing big trouble again with a generational energy crisis.

    Wall Street is contending that this will lead to a global recession originating in Europe.

    This is leading to gold, silver, stocks, and anything that doesn’t generate a generous and profitable cash-flowing yield to compress in price and value.

    If Europe does manage to avoid a depression, the inflationary forces in motion, those needed to revamp its entire energy infrastructure in the post-Russia era, are the bedrock for silver’s next giant bullish cycle.

    So long as the dollar remains so ridiculously strong, the best practice is to build silver positions when the prices are remarkably cheap.

    I have not seen silver this cheap since 2009, and it doesn’t take an Alan Turing to realize what’s coming next!

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