The Real Virus (Debt) Will Cost the
World’s Economy $16 TRILLION

The price of gold closed at $1,583 and is now 1% ($15.83) away from shooting up like a Yellowstone geyser above $1,600, confirming that this bull market in gold is HISTORICALLY unprecedented.

In terms of percentage gains, gold has not given us any jaw-dropping returns since it bottomed 4 years and 2 months ago TO THE DAY (December 15th, 2015). But if you look at what has transpired at the same time, we could not be more satisfied with its performance.

Gold beats stocks one out of every four years on average. The rationale of holding it is entirely based upon the premise that you’re NOT comparing it with stocks, but with cash, which it handily beats.

As you know, gold is trading at all-time highs in nearly 80 fiat currencies. It has done exactly what it must do in times of uncertainty – it’s acted as an ideal HEDGE.

The dollar, though, has been a magnet for foreign investors, who treat Treasury bonds like a life raft in level-4 rapids. The dollar is trading at ALL-TIME highs when measured against other national currencies.


You just wouldn’t expect gold to be up CLOSE TO 55% in four years at the same time as a bull market in stocks, the dollar, bonds, and Bitcoin.

If gold can rally this much while the competing asset classes are performing this well, I can only imagine how it would look when either stocks stall or inflation surprises everyone.

People have been conditioned to assume there’s NO INFLATION because that’s what they’ve experienced since 1980, a 40-year span. Millennials have never undergone a period where things around them cumulatively get more costly like in the 1970s.

44% of millennials own Bitcoin or are in the process of making their first purchase, so the future is definitely getting digitized.


In 2020 alone, the price of Ethereum has more than doubled. The price today is more than 1,000% of what it was when this newsletter first mentioned it and its genius founder, Vitalik Buterin.

China’s unfortunate predicament, which is just an awful situation and a terrible tragedy, is a nightmare that only seems to get worse. The coronavirus has now spread to 29 countries, including the United States.

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    We don’t believe the virus will become a worldwide pandemic with hundreds of thousands of victims, but we know for sure that it will contract the global economy in the 1st quarter of 2020.

    Take a look at the Dow Jones, for example:


    If the large, traditional indices experience a nice pullback (5%-10%), I’m definitely trading in my own portfolio.

    For now, large money managers, the people that control most of the world’s pension funds, are moving money between stocks and bonds, NOT considering alternative ways to hedge.

    This is a colossal mistake.

    In January and the first half of February, they’ve all crammed into bonds, sending yields DOWN to rates that I just shake my head at when I consider what they mean. For instance, a 30-year loan to Washington is being transacted for about 2% interest.


    America’s tech giants and visionary businesses have delivered out-of-this-world gains in the past decade. For every word that the Blockbuster CEO used to reject the Netflix founders’ offers to be bought out, he has lost tens of billions of dollars.

    America has luminaries and truly gifted business leaders, but no bull market goes on to infinity.

    This one is getting really stretched:


    When gold makes its definitive rally above $1,600 and makes it stick, I believe that we’ll see the public start noticing, but it won’t be until very late in the game that the mania will occur.

    Silver is the wild card.

    When it touches $19.50/ounce again, the interesting fireworks will attract speculators and big gains will be ripe for the taking.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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