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Whether you’re a retirement investor, a neophyte, or perhaps more experienced… Maybe you’re looking for a more tax-advantaged REIT investment or a way to reduce the risk and volatility of your investment portfolio…

Here are three top-rated real estate crowdfunding opportunities that can start delivering cash flow into your life immediately!


If you’re looking to “keep it simple,” FundRise could be right up your alley. This is truly what you would call “set it and forget it” REIT investing, as you can just pick the package that best suits your financial objective – supplemental investing, balanced investing, or long-term growth – and let FundRise hand-pick your real estate portfolio on your behalf.

They even have a starter portfolio with a ridiculously low $500 minimum investment.

FundRise will keep you updated on each project’s progress, and they carefully hand-pick and proactively develop the real estate projects with the goal of growing your net worth.

With total real estate investments of $2.5 billion so far, FundRise is extending opportunities to the masses for consistent, passive income generation – and they really couldn’t have made it any easier.

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

Wealth Education and Investment Principles Are Hidden From Public Database On Purpose!

Build The Knowledge Base To Set Yourself Up For A Wealthy Retirement and Leverage The Relationships We Are Forming With Proven Small-Cap Management Teams To Hit Grand-Slams!


    Quite different from FundRise, RealCrowd is geared towards accredited investors and has a unique business model. RealCrowd doesn’t charge investors a fee to use their service; instead, they collect technology licensing and advertising fees from the private real estate companies featured on their site.

    While it’s still fairly simple to invest with RealCrowd, it’s a bit less of a “set it and forget it” type of income strategy, as there’s a full spectrum of risk/return profiles to choose from. Fortunately, RealCrowd handles much of the legwork, including all of the electronic signatures, document storage, and communications with your new investment partner.

    Create a free account, browse through properties, compare opportunities, and invest. You’ll have to do some critical thinking, and as always, do your due diligence – but there are constantly new deals popping up on RealCrowd, and you never know when your next lucrative real estate investment might show up on the site.


    One of the originators in the real estate crowdfunding space and still quite popular, RealtyMogul makes million-dollar deals available to both accredited and non-accredited investors at all experience levels. From REITs to individual properties, and even tax-deferred 1031 Exchanges, diversification is easy and instantaneous with RealtyMogul.

    While you can certainly invest in single properties, the simplest option on the RealtyMogul site might be an array of public, non-traded REITs. RealtyMogul’s REITs are specifically selected for income and growth, and they offer portfolios that are diversified by property type, geography, and/or category.

    Research and vetting create comfort and confidence for REIT investors, and RealtyMogul excels in this area as every deal is evaluated against four core criteria and hundreds of data points. Moreover, RealtyMogul provides investors with specific attributes of every deal on their Website so investors who want to run their own due diligence – which I always recommend – can do so with ease.

    These three superior real estate crowdfunding sites are breaking down barriers and making one of the most profitable moneymaking avenues available to just about anyone.

    ***My goal for everyone reading this letter is to transform their lives by having multiple streams of income.***

    Cash flow equals financial security and ultimately independence.

    Interestingly, the Dutch National Bank’s full statement also provides a very brief primer on gold’s value as a crisis hedge, including a point that Future Money Trends has made many times: “Gold is… the trust anchor for the financial system. If things go wrong, prices may fall. But, crisis or not, a gold bar always holds value.”

    Now that’s what I call sound monetary policy: suggesting gold as a trusted store of value is, indeed, a sensible idea for financial institutions, as well as for individual investors like you and I. As you may know, I’ve been using both physical precious metals and mining stock shares to diversify my portfolio, as well as enhance my profit potential for many years.

    I have to give credit where it’s due, as the Dutch National Bank’s statement actually makes a couple of valid points. I also have to credit them for putting their money where their mouth is, as the IMF has reported that the Dutch National Bank has accumulated 615 tons of gold (mostly in Amsterdam, but also in North America and the U.K.), worth $6.62 billion at the current gold price.

    Whether the Netherlands is actually preparing for a global financial reset is debatable, as I never take a central bank’s word at face value.

    Nonetheless, investors need to take this as a wake-up call: when the central banks themselves are sounding the alarm bells, it’s time to hunker down – and get gold.

    I personally consider gold the ultimate cash position.

    If you don’t own any gold or need to buy more, call Andy Schectman (800-255-1129) of He’s a great friend of this letter and my family.

    We have ZERO business relationship or affiliate program. I am a customer, and I trust this company to treat you right.

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