Peak Wokeness

We’ve hit peak wokeness.

At my house today, we are celebrating.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the people who matter in this world finally taking a stand.

This bullshit has gone far enough and now we’re seeing people who, up until now, just brushed it off and got on with it, and are finally taking a clear stand.

If you want to be stupid and delusional, do it on your dime.

We will not fund your universities or tolerate your agendas in the classrooms or anywhere else.

Victimhood is not to be celebrated… it is to be looked down upon and studied as a disease.

If you want to rise up in this world, bring value… don’t condemn the winners by crying wolf; build yourself, so you can afford Louis Vuitton – instead of robbing it, as if that’s the sane and normal thing to do.

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    Peak wokeness is here, with university students siding with a murderous terrorist organization, as if butchering and setting entire families on fire is a way to show your cause is worthy.

    Billionaire investor and American patriot, Leon Cooperman, went on TV and said it straight and to the point: “These kids have shit for brains.”

    So, what’s next?

    The pendulum has to swing in the other direction. We must take society back to the objective and absolute definitions of right and wrong, win and lose, cause and effect, action and reaction… you can’t be talking garbage and expect the other side just swallow it, for the sake of not hurting your feeling. The blind can’t lead the blind, or they’ll both fall into a pit.

    I feel like we are living in an historic period.

    For 32 years, since the Soviet Union fell and the West had no one to challenge it, the West has lost its way.

    When the enemy was clear (communistic and sadistic dictatorship), the West was focused. When the enemy was crushed, there was no plan for the day after; now here we are, a culture that has no basic concept of truth and lie, right and wrong, but only of tolerating anyone with a view, no matter how warped, obsolete, destructive or plain dumb.

    Before anyone gets offended, let me say this: The moral thing to do is call a spade a spade.

    Think of it this way: If you were a money manager and there was a junior staffer in your firm, or even a seasoned person, coming to you with crazy and nonsensible investment pitches, would you execute those orders, only for the sake of accepting everyone’s opinions?

    Unfortunately, that’s wokeness.

    It will go down as one of the craziest and most outrageous ideas in western civilization, and we look to credit Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase and other key events signaling its approaching demise. However, nothing will indicate that more than shit-brained kids shouting “Free Palestine,” when these Palestinians in Gaza have received a silver platter anything-you-could-ever-want-and-more in financial aid and an extended hand, and choose to build a terror machine instead. Because of woke blindness, some refused to see Nazism and labeled it in the same way America allowed its malls to be robbed, its streets to be sprayed and its Twitter to censor Covid rational thought…

    Well, I am glad I got that out of my system. Oh, and if that was too much rational thinking for someone, they can hold a sign up and march or cry in the corner, while the rest of us build a better world and produce value.

    Best Regards,

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