Risk and Reward

One in 60 will lose their lives while pursuing their obsession with wingsuit flying. The feeling that one gets when jumping from the mountain is intoxicating for some, to the point that they are statistically putting themselves in a situation of death with a 1.6% certainty that goes up with each passing dare.

Some quit after a friend dies and leaves a spouse or children behind while others go to the funeral with equipment in their trunk, ready to jump once the ceremony ends.

Some quit after a personal experience, like falling in love or having their own children, and others stop once they suffer an injury.

Risk, excitement, and danger create sensations in the mind that are hard to replicate, and human beings want that feeling, that deeper connection to the elements, and they want to “feel alive.”

The ones that never endure fatal injuries and keep doing these types of sports for decades don’t call them extreme. That’s because they’re really disciplined and patient.

Conditions of wind, cloud visibility, temperature, and other determining factors must be perfect for them to take the leap.

They might walk up the mountain for two hours, sit on the cliff for another three hours, and walk down if conditions don’t change, saying NO to the feeling they love most.

Patience and discipline, controlling their enthusiasm, is what differentiates the professional from the extremist.

Many look at the markets as a place of extremes. After all, ordinary people have lost fortunes by buying and selling stocks.

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    The problem starts when the goal stops being that of making a fortune and it turns into that of deriving a feeling of excitement.

    Don’t chase the feeling of the rush; channel that type of need to feel “alive” into other activities. In the markets, focus on dumbing down any adrenaline rushes and lifting up your reasoning powers, analytical capabilities, and independence of thought in order to make difficult choices.

    The moment you realize that most days, conditions for wingsuit flying are not optimal but within that range of safe, you’ll realize that the same thing happens in the markets… most of the time, stocks are a BUY.

    Rarely, though, the sun is out, no clouds are in the sky, the wind is tempered, and Mother Nature is smiling at you… That’s the best day for jumping off a mountain cliff at 200 MPH without the ability to break.

    In the markets, it’s the other way around; the day the VIX is over 35, Jim Cramer is yelling that a recession is coming, Bill Ackman is calling the New York FED, and everything is red, that’s the perfect day to BUY.

    Remember that risk elimination in the markets is best done by buying during panics because the goal is to make money, not have A GOOD TIME.

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