It Doesn’t Look Promising

In the summer of 2019, my best friend and business partner invited me to visit him in his home country of Israel in the city he loves dearly, Tel Aviv.

For myself, it would be my first trip to the Middle East and Asia in general, and to him, it would be a chance to show my family the real world, not the bites of information we get on mainstream media or alternative outlets about Israel with all of its controversies.

I was excited, and we landed at the airport at around 7 PM after a flight from Barcelona via the Israeli airline ELAL. 

My wife was terrified going into this trip, thinking that she is dragging the kids into a warzone, so when the plane started accelerating for takeoff, it didn’t help that a passenger had an anxiety attack and a Jewish doctor got up from his seat to administer medical assistance and the flight attendant used the public announcement system to instruct him to get back to his seat immediately.

Little did we know that the Hebrew word for immediately is “MIAD,” which sounded like “Mayday” to us, and my wife’s blood pressure went up like GameStop’s stock in January 2021.

We were joking about it at landing, but we already ran scenarios of terrorism and hijacking in our heads after being fed so many war videos in the media.

Our hotel, located right on the Tel Aviv beachfront, was gorgeous, and I was excited to see the city. It was 10 PM and I told my best friend that I wanted to check out the nightlife.

I felt safer and more at ease walking the streets here than in any major city in the U.S. or Europe, and my friend is a great history teacher. I also got to see the horrors of the early 2000s as he showed me actual places right on the main roads where buses exploded and atrocities occurred.

He said, “When we went through these things, people were afraid to take the bus, parents didn’t send their children to Tel Aviv to party, and foreign investors wanted nothing to do with Israel. The country was in a major slowdown.” He started pointing out apartment buildings and how much they cost two decades ago compared with today.

“Tel Aviv was just voted the most expensive city in the world,” he said. He showed me $30M penthouses and even a $50M private residence. He explained that what happened in Tel Aviv from 2004 onwards under the leadership of the mayor who has been winning the election since 1998 is a complete transformation, like how lava turns to diamonds.

Right after the Dotcom bubble burst, 9/11, and the second Iraq war, Israel was in horrible shape, yet come here today and they call it an “Island of Prosperity” amid a sea of turbulence, and that’s how I feel about silver right now.

The DXY index is at a 20-year high, a mini Dotcom bubble has burst in front of us for the past 14 months, and the punch bowl of the Federal Reserve has been taken away.

Silver can either plummet drastically from here, going towards between $15/ounce and $17/ounce, or it can hold at these levels, where its long-term support is. When the dovish pivot happens, it can make one heck of a move from the depths of despair to the top of the world, like Tel Aviv…

Never say never.

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