Despite what the mainstream media talking heads would have us believe, the newly passed stimulus bill is anything but “anti-poverty.” How do these people honestly believe that $1400 is going to make a difference when it has been months since rent and mortgage payments were made?

This stimulus bill will not make a bit of difference when it comes to poverty in the United States. In fact, this will widen the wealth gap substantially and create a society dependent on the government. This dependency is much needed so the elitists who run the government and the central banks (who created this fiat currency out of thin air) can make sure they control as many people as possible.

If you must rely on the government for everything, and in exchange, give up your free will to be dictated to, vaccinated, cut off, and surveilled for the rest of your life, you are not free. This is the ultimate goal. A nation of dependent people doing exactly what is asked of them in exchange for a pittance in the form of a centralized and controlled digital currency. Your very life and means of transacting with other humans will be subject to the approval of the state.

The Great Reset seeks to achieve this goal, and the lockdowns facilitated it. People on this planet, sadly, crave control and power. Ultimate wealth and the ability to do whatever they want is not enough. Some people really desire the control over others. Those people are the ones making the rules.

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    There is no escaping a digital dollar. It will be rolled out at some point. But it is up to us whether we agree to be chained to it and those who control it, or not. We do not have to willingly submit to this tyranny. There are other options.

    Live freely and learn to barter. I know I sound like a broken record on this one, but make sure you have items that you can barter with. Precious metals such as gold and silver are great options. But so is extra food, water, and other necessities.

    I would also suggest treating as many other people as possible with dignity and respect. If it comes down to us relying on a small local network of producers to avoid being trapped in the digital dollar, then you will want people to trust you, like you, and be willing to help or barter with you.

    Now is not the time to get angry over something small and throw up the middle finger at someone who, for example, pulled out in front of you slowing down your drive. That person could be someone with something you may need to survive, and if you treat them poorly once this system crashes, you will lose out on the help they could have potentially offered.

    Do right by others, treat yourself well, and make sure you have supplies on hand. No one will know when the digital currency system will roll out, but when it does, we all need to be well aware of what acceptance of that will look like for us and for our children.

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