Important U.S. Cannabis Position

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Over the coming weeks, I want to build the ultimate cannabis portfolio for us.

Each week, I’m going to be issuing out an important update for both present and new recommendations.

Don’t miss these alerts; helping people take positions in a trend like this is the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Helping others build wealth and break out of the rat race is my life’s purpose, and I have a feeling that the next 3 to 5 years are going to be something extraordinary. Regular, significant gains have become the norm, as cannabis regulations in Canada and the U.S. are becoming more relaxed and large alcohol, tobacco, and even some pharmaceutical companies are having discussions with some of the major cannabis players.

The best companies in the business are making inroads into geographical regions that are cannabis-friendly both in terms of consumer demand and in regards to policies and regulations. Top firms also have an ability to raise capital for expansion and new ventures into this exciting legalized cannabis market.

New Recommendation:

CannAmerica Brands Corp. (CSE: CANA) is our U.S. cannabis position.

The irony is it’s their first day of trading and they aren’t actually listed in the U.S. yet, but they should be soon.

This is day 1 for them going public, and you can currently only acquire shares on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

They’re headed up by one of the pioneers in the cannabis industry.

Dan Anglin is the who’s who in the cannabis space, starting one of the most successful and first recreational dispensaries in Colorado, later becoming an owner of one of the largest cannabis edible companies in the world.

Dan is also a national expert in marijuana public policy, serving in rule-making work groups for the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division on more than 10 occasions, as well as crafting legislation directly at the Colorado General Assembly for the good of Colorado and its regulated industry.

Dan founded and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

CannAmerica has entered into licensing agreements with industry leaders for its key brands, AmeriCanna and CannAmerica, in three key geographic markets for the legal cannabis trade: Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland.

They’re very lucrative agreements for the firm and have allowed them to have a multi-state presence, which few cannabis companies have due to current U.S. law.

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    CannAmerica has licensed its brands, packaging, formulas, supply chain, and processes to the three licensees in exchange for licensing fees based on brand-related gross revenue. The company has successfully raised $5.4 million via non-brokered private placements and is well-positioned to grow its business even further.

    This strategic move is part of the company’s savvy business plan, which includes licensing its CannAmerica and AmeriCanna brands to cannabis product manufacturers and wholesale licensees. As of October 12, 2018, CannAmerica had three licensing agreements, with licensees in Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland.

    In order to maximize the value of its AmeriCanna and CannAmerica brands, the firm advertises, markets, and licenses these brands through a broad network of dispensaries, wholesalers, and distributors in the U.S. These brands have sold over 12 million gummies since inception.

    CannAmerica’s core strategy is to enhance and monetize the global reach of its existing brands and pursue additional strategic acquisitions to grow the scope of and diversify the portfolio of cannabis brands.

    Rapid expansion is also part of the firm’s business plan, as CannAmerica aims to acquire well-known consumer brands in the cannabis space with high potential for growth and strong brand awareness.

    In the process of diversifying its portfolio, CannAmerica evaluates the strength of its targeted brands based on the expected viability and sustainability of future royalty streams.

    CannAmerica Brands Corp. only selects licensees that have demonstrated the ability to cultivate, manufacture, produce, and sell quality products in their respective licensed categories. When CannAmerica does elect to acquire a brand, it seeks to partner with leading wholesalers and dispensaries to drive incremental value and maximize its brand equity.

    Choosing to target Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland as the firm’s next markets will serve as a catalyst for significant growth in CannAmerica Brands Corp.’s revenue and profitability and will be essential steps in the company’s growth strategy as it continues to expand into multiple states and internationally.

    Each of the three states and licensees were carefully chosen by CannAmerica for their strong potential in the legalized cannabis market. The licensee in Colorado, for instance, is a well-established 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility that is currently selling 6 SKUs in over 85% of the dispensaries in Colorado. New SKUs will be introduced into the medical market in Q4 for this particular licensee.

    The newest licensee is in the state of Nevada, with a well-established 30,000 square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility that sells through various dispensaries in the state.

    The licensee in Maryland is also proving to be quite lucrative, with a 7,500 square-foot facility and one of the first extraction licenses issued in Maryland.

    In fact, this licensee currently holds one of only 15 licenses in the state of Maryland. Operations relating to CannAmerica’s license agreement in Maryland commenced in August of 2018. In connection with the license agreement, CannAmerica acquired a 10% equity interest in the extraction license.

    Investors are looking forward to seeing further additions to CannAmerica’s acquisition pipeline, as the firm is currently assessing a number of key brands as acquisition targets to continue growing its portfolio of brands and diversify its revenue streams. Taking the company’s core expansion strategy into Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland was a brilliant move for CannAmerica.

    Look to us for further developments as they unfold in this fascinating and financially rewarding industry.

    Recommendation: Accumulate a position in CannAmerica (CSE: CANA).

    The second they have a U.S. symbol, I’ll make sure this letter is the first to know.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Ameduri

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