Forgetting Stimulus

With a budget of $20M in 1997, the war drama/comedy La vita è bella was able to gross over $230M worldwide, even though the movie was in Italian – it is a tale about love and protection, about saving the life of a small five year old, using trickery.

The FED isn’t the only one to figure out that sugarcoating is often the “solution”…

In 1939, when Italy was still a kingdom, the brilliant Roberto Benigni plays a character named Guido Orefice, a young Jewish man who arrives to work in Arezzo, a city I’ve personally visited in the gorgeous region of Tuscany.

The movie follows Guido’s amusing state of being, as he struggles to understand the insanity and hatred engulfing him and worsening by the day. Ignoring it as much as he can, he falls in love and gets married, even though his wife is a Christian from a prominent local family. As 1944 arrives and this part of Italy is captured by Nazi Germany, Guido and Giosuè (Joshua), his little boy from his recent marriage, are forcefully taken to a concentration camp, where the men are worked to the breaking point and the elders and children are executed.

Because reality is so difficult to explain to his son, Guido decides to hide the enormity of the dire situation they are facing, by pretending that the whole thing is a game, with tasks. This strategy is employed in order to shield Giosuè from what’s really happening in the camp, so that he may survive it with his mind, heart and body intact.

As the war ends, the Germans are quick to shut down the camp, hide any evidence of wrongdoing and send the captives on death marches, where many die of fatigue and starvation. Guido, pretending this is just a game of hide-and-seek, asks Giosuè to stay tucked in a sort of compartment on the street, with the purpose of waiting out the evacuation of the camp, until allied forces liberate it.

Tragically, what kills Guido, who had survived the entire year at camp and saved his son’s life, is his love for his wife Dora.

Out of love for Guido and Giosuè, Dora volunteers to go to camp when the train shipment leaves Arezzo, so while the women and the men were separated in the camp, they did spend time right next to each other and were aware of each other’s well-being.

While Guido runs to the trucks filled with prisoners, which are heading out of the camp, in search of her, a Nazi guard finds him and executes him a few meters away from where Giosue is hiding.

The camp is liberated just hours later (Guido is among the last of the casualties, after having survived the whole war, without getting injured) and Giosuè is saved by the Americans, who help him find his mother. The movie ends with an adult Giosuè narrating, thanking his father for creating the game that shielded Giosuè from suffering the same fate as all the other little children in the camp – the gas chambers.

The differences between this story and what the FED is doing to protect the system are enormous, though.

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    First of all, the Federal Reserve isn’t playing a game with children. On the contrary, belittling adults into thinking that only the almighty central banker knows best is the craziest notion in finance.

    Secondly, in the movie, it is clear that many of the scenes are not realistic and serve as comical releases, purposefully showing that this could not be pulled off in reality.

    The message is that life was far more difficult than what’s portrayed in the film.

    Sugarcoating and ass-covering is what got Rumsfeld and Cheney to take America to Iraq, but to never apologize for the untold damage they created. Belittling is what made Obama’s administration tell Americans that Afghanistan was going just fine, when it was a disaster. It is also what makes Jerome Powell state that the economy is progressing nicely, while tens of millions are entering poverty.

    Thirdly, the enemy of the Federal Reserve is the monster that they themselves had created! How can the wrongdoers protect the bystanders from the train wreck they’re orchestrating?

    “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth” – Henry David Thoreau.

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