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***May futures contracts for oil have gone negative on their final day of trading!***

This is unprecedented and a very historical day, and it’s not over – this exact scenario could happen for June contracts as well.

Here is what’s happening:

  1. Oil storage facilities are full!
  2. Oil tankers that are now being used for storage are filling up.
  3. Many oil traders have been wiped out today, completely blown up!

If it baffles the mind to see something down 306%, that’s because central banks have completely broken the markets!

Borrowers are being paid to borrow money, and now oil producers are paying others to take their oil. It’s truly insanity on full display.

If there was ever any doubt left that we live in a rigged environment, this is it – case closed!
What does this mean for you… investors and anyone looking to protect their wealth and perhaps even buy when there is blood in the streets.

What we saw today was the May oil futures contract go “no bid.” June is already down 18% and will likely plunge further, so this isn’t over.

Buy oil stocks? They’re extremely dangerous right now because none of them can make money!

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    OIL TANKS: BUY TANKERS – This Could be the Commodities Trade of the Decade!

    DHT has strong potential as the world seeks storage space, and few retail investors are even considering buying tanker stocks because they’re not even aware that this market exists.

    It’s amazing to think that storage for a commodity that’s in low demand could potentially be worth so much, but that’s the reality and unusual situations create unusual opportunities.

    Once hedge funds start grabbing up shares, it’s usually too late to get in at a good price, so you should consider looking at tanker stocks now instead of waiting for “confirmation.”

    That “confirmation” is likely to be higher prices, so consider tanker stocks today as a value proposition.

    This means that either a wave of defaults is coming or the banks will have to restructure thousands of loans, or it means the GOVERNMENT will have to come together to STOP THIS.

    Either way, we are VERY CLOSE to a bottom, but since we can only know when it hits AFTER THE FACT, I’m making moves right now.

    Millions of AMERICANS have lost the single source of income they rely on to make ends meet.

    This is turning into a GIANT WEALTH TRANSFER, and the amount of EXPLAINING that governments will have to do in order to make this right is ENORMOUS.

    In times like these, you must FORTIFY your psyche with the right thoughts.

    I’m starting my day by writing everything that has made me stronger throughout my life, PROVING TO MYSELF that I know how to stand up to tyranny, crises, and situations that are out of my control.

    Gratitude is the ONLY correct mental attitude that can put everything else in perspective.

    Everything in life is a lesson, not a test. Right now, there’s suffering the world over and you can see that GREAT LEADERSHIP is a scarce commodity.

    You need to focus on WRITING DOWN your current challenges and think them through. Crises birth ideas, insights, and new beliefs.

    While we lie down on feathered cushions, we learn nothing. It’s only when we’re slapped that our mind kicks into OVERDRIVE.

    I’m not wasting any energy on non-essentials. The COVID-19 pandemic has RAMIFICATIONS for all of us and we ought to be asking the following:

    1. Is there anything I should be concerned with physically? Am I in a high-risk group? Am I sleeping, eating, drinking, and exercising properly?
    2. How is my mental attitude? Do I have immediate goals that I’m presently pursuing? Am I evolving in compassion, patience, tolerance and generosity when the globe is going through a TERRIBLE RESET?
    3. What’s my financial position? What expenses can be trimmed down? How can I generate more income? Can I do FAR MORE than I’m doing? Go radical with a life and death mentality.

    None of us have EVER BEEN THROUGH a scenario where making money is nearly illegal. This is going to end up being DISRUPTIVE in ways we can’t even imagine, but if you keep COMPOSED, you can come out energized, strong, and READY on the other side.

    Best Regards,

    James Davis

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