Your financial stability tomorrow depends on the moves you make and the actions you take today. Winning in the stock market is like playing a chess game: your opening moves set you up for success or failure later on. If you get yourself into a good position now, you can enjoy the compounding returns and your account becomes a wealth-building machine.

Getting yourself into the right industry and the best stock today is the key to powerful profits: it’s like you’re opening the floodgates and letting the money pour in. The idea is to follow the revenues: where is the capital flowing in the economy? What are the people demanding, and what are they clamoring to buy right now?

All around the world, the facts and statistics clearly indicate that the strongest demand is for legalized cannabis. A thriving medical market, combined with robust demand for the freedom to consume marijuana for adult recreational use, means that stock prices are set to make a major move in the coming weeks and months.

In Canada and the United States, the demand is so strong that suppliers can barely keep up. Medical patients with chronic pain are hearing the good news about the healing properties of the cannabis plant, and policymakers are responding with relaxed laws and regulations. More and more jurisdictions are permitting adult recreational use of cannabis, resulting in a diminishing black market and a burgeoning legal marketplace where sales are booming.

Just how big is this market? In Canada alone, an estimated CAD$5.7 billion was spent on legal cannabis in 2017. After Uruguay, Canada will be the second nation in history to fully legalize marijuana use for adults, and the world is watching as North America leads the way in a new era of decriminalization.

The forecast is sunny and bright, as the adult recreational use market is projected to reach new heights every year:

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    Extrapolating out to 2021, the graph shows how the adult recreational user base will double every couple of years and the quantity of legal cannabis consumed will grow very quickly. In some regions, we’re already seeing legal marijuana outselling liquor and even snack foods.

    It’s a domino effect that started when the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-45 with an overwhelming vote of 52-29 back in December of 2013. This event got the ball rolling and with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s House of Commons getting on board to support Bill C-45, full legalization for adults in Canada was inevitable.

    The movement has been gathering steam throughout North America but also in other regions of the world, including South America, Europe, and Australia. In the United States, we expect every state to have legalized marijuana in the near future: already, cannabis for adult recreational use is legal in nine states, while 30 states permit marijuana for medicinal use.

    Now it’s your turn to partake of the cannabis movement: powerful yield can be yours if you know how to play it. Global Cannabis Wealth has tasked their research team with locating the stock with the strongest upside potential in the market. Months of preparation and searching have led the team to one perfect company in the cannabis space.

    The company is Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX-V:PURE, OTC:PRCNF), a Canadian licensed producer of cannabis that is dedicated to developing new and innovative brands and products for discerning consumers around the world. Fueled by modern innovation and a team of industry experts, Pure Global Cannabis is now making PURE the most trusted global cannabis brand on the planet.

    By leveraging the latest breakthroughs in marijuana science, Pure Global Cannabis harnesses the therapeutic properties of cannabis to produce world-class products for both the medical and adult-use markets. Founder, CEO, and Board Member Malay Panchal is a seasoned entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in pharma B2B technology, retail and mail-order pharmacy, pharma branding and clinical trials; his vision is to explore new frontiers in legal cannabis while generating value-added returns for shareholders.

    One of the biggest strengths of Pure Global Cannabis is the diversity of their product line. Pure Global Cannabis’ wholly owned subsidiary, PureSinse, is a pharmaceutical-grade licensed producer of cannabis in many consumable formats:

    Courtesy of Pure Global Cannabis Investor Presentation

    The company’s portfolio features a broad spectrum of products, formulations, and infusions for the medical market at home and abroad. Pure Global Cannabis also features a completely unique and proprietary multi-ponic cannabis farm. This cutting-edge growing system produces several-fold greater yields over traditional cultivation methods while reducing cost and eliminating pesticide/herbicide use.

    The floodgates are opening in 2018 – are your prepared to reap the benefits of the legal cannabis movement? Prepare yourself today for stunning gains with a long position in Pure Global Cannabis Inc. and shares of PURE/PRCNF.

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    Daniel Ameduri

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