The announcement of Facebook’s Libra project has shined a spotlight on the transition of an entire industry from old-fashioned, traditional payment methods to blockchain-based transactions, which are much more efficient, secure, and transparent. Libra is only the beginning, as more deals and joint ventures are taking place than ever before.

At the epicenter of two significant deals is ICOx Innovations Inc. (TSX.V: ICOX, OTCQB: ICOX), a company that specializes in developing tokens and blockchains for established companies and organizations. ICOx is growing fast because few others provide this exact service along with the tools and guidance needed to navigate the industry’s complex web of legal and regulatory requirements.

This company already has a number of high-profile clients, including KODAKOne and Cathio, a company that uses innovative technology to service the financial and transactional needs of the global Catholic Church. Cathio, which was founded specifically to reform the transfer of money and resources in the Catholic economy, represents a huge population of potential blockchain users around the world.

Cathio is just getting bigger and bigger and they just announced an agreement with Kambista, the first FinTech currency exchange platform in Peru, in which the two companies will work towards a far-reaching integration project that will leverage Cathio’s robust payment processing technologies.

Courtesy: Kambista

Kambista is already huge in Peru, where over 80% of the Peruvian population is Catholic. The company is projected to exchange $200 million in Peru this year and will soon be expanding operations into other Latin American countries.

ICOx client Cathio will build and test a remittance platform with Kambista whereby individuals and organizations will be able to transfer funds from the United States to foreign countries. The timeline for completion of beta testing the platform is Q1 2020, and this project will transform the Latin American payment space by enabling individuals, businesses, non-profits, and church entities to move money across borders quickly and cost-effectively.

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ICOx is also causing media buzz with their announcement that RYDE Holding Inc., ICOx’s client and the creator and operator of the KODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform, signed a partnership with Image Protect Inc. – an arrangement that will add literally thousands of new copyright infringement cases and numerous new digital rights holder clients to the KODAKOne platform.

Starting within the next two months, the integration of Image Protect’s License Recovery Unit with RYDE Holding’s KODAKOne platform will generate a significant amount in infringement claims. As ICOx Innovations President Bruce Elliott explains, this is the first of many great partnerships and will result in new clients and revenues in addition to extending ICOx’s global services.

The RYDE and Image Protect partnership will be implemented over the coming quarter, with infringement identification, fee collections, and revenues targeted to commence in August 2019. For ICOx, this venture represents a prime opportunity to extend the company’s services by recovering licenses from new markets, including Europe and Southeast Asia.

From image rights protections in America, Europe, and Asia and cross-border payment system infrastructure to the global faith-based community, ICOx is facilitating big changes and economic reform as the entire world gets on the blockchain one company at a time.

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Wealth Education and Investment Principles Are Hidden From Public Database On Purpose!

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