Playing with Fire, Literally

I’d like to draw your attention to one of the most irresponsible people in power the world has ever known.

It’s hard to judge, because we’d have to go back to that period and understand the anxiety level, but Thomas S. Power {fitting name, or what?} is, in my book, the most outrageously crazy military commander in U.S. history!

Let me tell you about what it’s like to give one person too much authority and leeway:

During the Cold War, this general initiated a program called Chrome Dome, comprised of B-52 planes roaming the skies in areas close to the Soviet Union. They carried nuclear and hydrogen bombs, between 20 and 100 times more powerful than the ones that were dropped on Japan, in order to have the upper hand, just in case the Soviets felt like they wanted a head start.

During the few short years that this mission was allowed to run, one plane – with four hydrogen bombs on board – crashed into the shores of a fishing village in the South of Spain. Palomares, the tiny village that didn’t know what hit it, saw more American soldiers visit in the following three months than during the entire 2nd World War.

It took roughly 30 vessels and nearly three months to find one of the bombs that dropped in the ocean.

Luckily, none of these hydrogen bombs detonated on impact, or there’d be no South of Spain today.

This isn’t a singular incident either… there is a fighter jet that fell from an aircraft carrier near Japan with a hydrogen bomb and a pilot, and they’re on the ocean floor to this day.

The Soviets can’t account for several dozen nuclear bombs to this very day and the accident that finally made people in the Air Force say enough is enough is when a plane crashed in Thule (Greenland).


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    Yields on bonds have been skyrocketing and the reason is simple: The Federal Reserve has, with a level of humility not normally attributed to it, come down hard on inflation by doing what it should have done in 2021, which is to stop the madness.

    Being wrong, but then making amends and dealing with it, is admirable.

    Being erroneous for a few months is also, in the larger picture, not that bad, but not doing anything to fix something for nearly 30 years is insane.

    This is where Biden comes in; interest rates are drastically rising and will probably remain above 4% for the FED Funds Rate for years to come; Washington can’t possibly be this reckless with its finances as the Air Force was with hydrogen bombs.

    If the debt continues to get out of hand and Washington can’t figure out where to cut spending or how to get a handle on interest rates, it will face some troubling issues.

    My belief is that growth in the domestic industries is about to be exceptional, because America is becoming a very important trading partner of Europe once more and because China is losing on many fronts.

    But I will say this… a day is coming, where those who didn’t do squat to stop the madness of endless deficits will be held accountable.

    Best Regards,

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