Survive and Economic Collapse

Dear Reader:

Whether it is caused by one thing or another, the sad truth is that the economic system under which we all live cannot be sustained permanently. At some point in time, the entire system is going to collapse under its own weight taking hundreds of millions by surprise.

But there are ways to survive, thrive, and most of all, reduce the impact of an economic collapse. The goal would be to start preparing for one yesterday, but today is also a good day to start.

When the entire monetary system we know collapses, a new one is already ready to be rolled out. Some of us know this as The Great Reset. Those in power will try to force a digital dollar on the whole of humanity. And it will not be just a digital dollar. It will be tracked, traced, and your ability to use and access your funds will be turned on and off as those in power see fit. It is truly a dystopian nightmare that awaits those who are not prepared for it.

So, stock up now! Make sure you have plenty of food stored and have the ability to grow your own. Stockpile any valuable tools that may come in handy too. In all likelihood, if it all comes crashing down, your local hardware store’s shelves will be bare, and your debit or credit card will not work anyway.

If you are reliant on a city water supply for water, do everything now to make sure you can get water. If you already have a well on your property, consider making the preparations necessary to be able to get water from it if the lights go out. In an economic collapse, it it not likely the power company will continue to pay people to keep your electricity on.

Practice up on your bartering skills. Know what you can store that could be of value to someone else. Learn how to trade and cultivate relationships with your neighbors. Agree to help each other as opposed to panicking and harming others. Be prepared enough that you can share and help others that may not be as fortunate. On that same note, be ready to defend your family. Any thing could happen when people become desperate and unpredictable. Take the proper steps to ensure you are able and willing to keep those you love safe from those who could be starving.

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    You should also learn basic fundamental skills like how to properly save and store the food you grow. Learn to hunt and process your own meat. You should also learn to sew and make sure you can fix things that break in your home. Turn this into a hobby if you would like so it does not feel like work.

    Lastly, you should strengthen your financial status. Have physical gold and silver or other precious metals on hand. Pay off as many outstanding debts as possible and have a little cash in a safe somewhere. Even if things crash quickly, it is highly likely most people and stores will still accept cash and perceive it as having value, even if it do not or will not for long. Cash will be a powerful tool in an economic collapse.

    Simply put, it may not happen today, this week, this month, or in the next year. But an economic crash is coming and a few simple preparations now can give you a leg up when it really hits the fan.

    Best Regards,

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